Saturday, July 4, 2020

A second chance for coal regions in the energy transition

The EU launched the Just Transition Platform (JTP), to help Member States accessing over 150 billion euros of funds. Coal regions don’t have to die but they can play an active role in the energy transition.

The increasing importance of Slovenia’s transmission network – interview with ELES’ CEO Aleksander Mervar

Aleksander Mervar, CEO of ELES, speaks about the company’s current projects and the importance of increasing connectivity with neighbouring countries.

Huge opportunities for green investments – interview with EBRD’s Harry Boyd-Carpenter

Harry Boyd-Carpenter, Director, Head of Energy EMEA, at the EBRD speaks about the major trends in the region and the most appropriate tools for the EU’s post-COVID economic recovery efforts.

Poland’s challenges and opportunities to reach climate neutrality

Aleksander Szpor, head of the climate and energy team at the Polish Economic Institute, writes about Poland's challenges, mainly due to its coal-based energy system and the opportunities to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Ending energy poverty starts with efficient homes

Monica Frassoni, President of the European Alliance to Save Energy, writes about the importance of tackling energy poverty through buildings' renovation, to make them more energy-efficient and lower residents’ energy bills.

L’Oréal leads the way towards sustainable transformation of the...

L'Oréal launched its new sustainability program to accelerate its transformation towards a model respecting planetary boundaries and reinforcing its commitments to both sustainability and inclusion.

Going vegan to save the environment

What food are we ready to give up to save the planet? Going vegan has undeniable benefits on our health and on the environment: it reduces GHG emissions, protects the soil and saves water.

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