Monday, August 3, 2020

EBRD’s latest loan to increase Ukraine’s natural gas production

A 51.9 million euros sovereign loan to Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer will increase domestic natural gas production and reduce the country’s dependency on imports.

Czechs are taking the Polish Turów mine case to the Commission

The Czech government will turn to the European Commission to resolve a dispute regarding the planned expansion of the Polish Turów open-pit lignite mine located in the proximity of the Czech-Polish border.

The future awaits a modern energy sector – interview with Siemens Energy’s Grzegorz Nalezyty

Grzegorz Nalezyty, President of the Management Board of Siemens Energy in Poland, speaks about the company's operations in the country and the role it is playing to energise Central and Eastern Europe.

Bringing MVM Group to the next level – interview with György Kóbor

György Kóbor, CEO of MVM Group, speaks about the company’s role in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the future regional energy mix.

CEE Gas Markets: a decade of untold successes ahead of new challenges

Szabolcs I. Ferencz, Chairman and CEO of FGSZ, argues that the CEE region – even amidst the new waves of fundamentally changing energy markets – has made significant progress by improving the previously fragmented, divided and outdated market conditions. But market integration is not finished yet.

Recover Europe? Renovate buildings!

Peter Robl, Public Affairs Manager Eastern Europe at Knauf Insulation and MEP Martin Hojsík, write about building renovation as a key element of achieving Europe's 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets.

Sustainable destinations: feel reborn in CEE

The tourism sector hasn’t yet recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and governments are suggesting to spend summer holidays within our countries. While we boost domestic tourism, let’s also keep an eye on the sustainable destinations closest to our homes.

Air conditioning, the catch 22 of climate change

Close to the end of July, we are now officially in the dog days of summer. A natural consequence of rising global temperature is a big boom in the demand for air conditioning units and refrigerators.

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