Friday, May 7, 2021

CEENERGYNEWS 1-year anniversary

CEENERGYNEWS was launched in April 2020 and since then it has come a long way. Some would say it was a brave choice to begin a new project in the middle of the pandemic. Indeed it was, as we had to face several challenges but we are happy to announce that we also achieved great results.


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CEE countries need better water policies – interview with Konstantin Ivanov, Regional Coordinator at GWP CEE

Konstantin Ivanov, Regional Coordinator at the Global Water Partnerships (GWP) CEE speaks about the importance of investing in water that supports sustainable development, boost the economy and create new jobs and opportunities.

Powering equality – Q&A with Zsófia Beck, Partner at BCG

Zsófia Beck, Partner at the Boston Consulting Group speaks about the post-pandemic energy sector and the challenges of preserving stability and flexibility in a decarbonised energy system, explaining how the CEE region should prepare for the future ahead.

Building renovation is a silver bullet and it is time to pull the trigger

Nolan Theisen, Globsec's Climate and Energy Fellow writes about the building renovation wave, wondering if the tremor of recovery will trigger the tidal wave of long overdue and underprioritised renovations in CEE.

How to stop Nord Stream 2?

Maksym Bielawski, leading expert at the Razumkov Centre reflects on the current situation of Nord Stream 2, the recent cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and the most important steps to take to increase the level of energy security on the European continent.

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