Thursday, September 16, 2021


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New EBRD loan to improve and reform Albania’s power sector

The EBRD is providing a 70 million euros loan to Albanian energy company OSHEE to address liquidity gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to construct a modern, underground substation in central Tirana.

PSE became Energy Market Information Operator

The Polish electricity transmission system operator, PSE became the Energy Market Information Operator implementing and managing the Central Energy Market Information System.

AST and Elering to survey potential routes for connecting the offshore network to the onshore power grid

AST and Elering will carry out an in-depth study of possible onshore land line corridors towards the planned offshore wind park sites which have been identified in the two countries’ maritime spatial plans.

Construction starts on the Albania-North Macedonia electricity interconnector

Work has started on the construction of a new power substation in Ohrid, a key component of the first electricity interconnector between Albania and North Macedonia announced the EBRD which is financing the project.

The third Estonia-Latvia electricity interconnector was launched

A new electricity connection between Estonia and Latvia was launched on August 25 by the respective electricity system operators Elering and AST.

Global power sector emissions soar as rising demand outpaced growth in clean electricity

Ember's report found that rising global electricity demand outpaced growth in clean electricity, which led to an increase in coal power, raising CO2 emissions.

EMBER: Europe had a record-breaking summer for solar power

New analysis by energy think tank EMBER reveals that, for the first time, solar panels generated a tenth of EU-27 electricity during their peak months of June and July this year.

ENTSO-E: January’s system separation in Continental Europe was not caused by high shares of RES

The final report released by ENTSO-E on the separation in the Continental Europe synchronous area reveals that swift TSO coordination mitigated the incident and no major impact on consumers’ energy supply occurred.

Ukraine’s Energy Minister: ENTSO-E synchronisation is a strategic goal

The Ukrainian power system integration into the European continental network ENTSO-E will open up wide opportunities for Ukraine and strengthen the country's energy independence, stated Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko.

EBRD new financing to help Electrica Group build a resilient distribution network in Romania

The EBRD is extending a 40 million euros loan to Distributie Energie Electrica Romania, the electricity distribution subsidiary of Electrica Group to build a resilient distribution network with enhanced efficiency and ready to integrate more renewable projects.

World Bank approves 212 million US dollars financing package for Ukraine’s power grid synchronisation

The World Bank approved a 212 million US dollars financing package for a new project in Ukraine that will enhance the flexibility of the power system to help synchronise it with the European electricity grid.

Innovative mobile technology increases RES penetration in Southeastern Europe

A new mobile power flow control solution has been installed on the Bulgarian transmission system to increase the amount of renewable energy that electricity grids can accommodate and unlock cross-border electricity flows.

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