Tuesday, May 24, 2022



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Moldova takes first step towards electricity supply diversification

Moldova’s main electricity supplier, Energocom signed a contract with the Ukrainian hydropower producer, Ukrhydroenergo, for supplying around 30% of demand until the end of May.

Baltic TSOs found joint company focusing on operating security of electricity system

The three electricity system operators of the Baltics founded the joint company Baltic RCC, whose main function is to reinforce supervision over the operating security of the electricity system.

European energy associations urge to recognise RES as the only sustainable solution to the current crisis

Five European Energy Associations have co-signed a letter to the European Commission asking decision-makers to recognise what they consider to be “the only real sustainable solution to the current energy crisis: RES.

ACER: electricity market design is worth keeping but it must adapt to emergency situations

ACER has proved that whilst the current circumstances impacting the EU’s energy system are far from normal, the current electricity market design is not to blame for the current crisis.

E.ON and Solar Markt introduce decarbonisation package to the Hungarian green energy market

E.ON and Solar Markt signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement creating Green Cloud, a decarbonisation service package, which provides independent green energy from dedicated solar power plants to corporate customers in Hungary.

Ukrenergo becomes Observer Member of ENTSO-E

ENTSO-E has granted Ukrenergo the status of Observer Member, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the important relationship between Ukrenergo and all the European electricity TSO members of ENTSO-E.

Slovenia’s ELES leads international project on integrating renewables more efficiently

A consortium of companies from Slovenia, Austria and Croatia designed a project for optimising the use of existing grid infrastructure and enabling the integration of an increasing amount of renewable energy sources more efficiently and cost-effectively into the transmission and distribution networks.

Ukraine’s president signs law on the use of energy storage systems

Ukraine’s president signed the Law on the Use of Energy Storage Systems, which will balance the operation of the power system and increase the stability of electricity supply to consumers.

AGC Glass Europe and E.ON deepen their partnership to improve energy efficiency and decarbonisation

Like all energy-intensive industries, the glass industry faces the challenge of producing more energy efficiently and reducing CO2 emissions. E.ON and glass manufacturer AGC now forms a joint project for waste heat recovery and production of green power.

Amber Grid becomes an energy producer contributing to Lithuania’s increase in RES

Amber Grid has been making a great effort to reduce the amount of electricity it purchases, not only to reduce the cost of electricity but also to make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions in its day-to-day operations.

TAURON has invested over 100 million euros to modernise the power grid in Lower Silesia

TAURON has allocated over 107 million euros in 2021, to modernise and expand the power grid in the Lower Silesia region.

MVM becomes the only universal provider for Hungary’s gas and electricity market

State-owned energy firm MVM has completed a deal to acquire 100% of E.ON Áramszolgáltató, making it the only universal provider of the country’s natural gas and the electricity market.

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