Thursday, April 15, 2021


Belarus and Russia to strengthen ties on nuclear cooperation

Representatives of Belarus and Russia praised the progress of the Ostrovets NPP and Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadyuk said that they have received a large package of proposals from Russian partners to expand the scope of nuclear cooperation.

Nuclearelectrica CEO: decarbonisation cannot happen without nuclear energy, no matter the perceptions

The free energy market will lead to an increase in revenues and the timing could not be better since the need for new investments in clean power generation is bigger than ever, says Cosmin Ghiță, the CEO of Nuclearelectrica.

Russia to include nuclear power as a green activity

The list of green activities of the Russian Taxonomy also includes nuclear power, which generates no direct CO2 emissions putting it on the same level as renewable sources.

Siting of two nuclear units at Dukovany approved

Czech Republic’s State Office for Nuclear Safety issued a permit for the siting of two nuclear units at the Dukovany power plant.

ENSREG approves the preliminary report on the Astravets nuclear power plant

ENSREG has approved the preliminary report on the peer review of the new Belarusian nuclear power plant in Astravets, following a mission by ENSREG technical experts to the site.

MEPs call to suspend the launch of Belarus’ nuclear plant

Members of the European Parliament have raised serious concerns over the safety of the Ostrovets nuclear plant in Belarus and demanded that its commercial launch is suspended.

Westinghouse Electric and Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP sign a VVER-1000 nuclear fuel licensing contract

Westinghouse Electric and Bulgaria’s Kozloduy NPP signed a VVER-1000 nuclear fuel licensing contract, a major step forward in the country’s energy supply diversification.

Bulgaria’s nuclear energy is key to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

As Bulgaria joined the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova reminded that achieving the EU carbon neutrality targets by 2050 is impossible without the development of nuclear energy.

Bulgaria joins the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency

Bulgaria became the newest member of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency. Its membership will enrich the NEA’s work in areas such as nuclear safety and regulation, decommissioning and radioactive waste management.

Slovenia to restart Krško NPP shut down after deadly earthquake in Croatia

The Krško NPP automatically shut down following a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in Croatia, on 29 December. Preventive inspections showed that the safety systems had operated as expected.

Low-carbon electricity is becoming cost competitive

The levelised costs of electricity generation of low-carbon generation technologies are falling and are increasingly below the costs of conventional fossil fuel generation, according to the OECD NEA and the IEA.

New blocks of the Hungarian Paks NPP receive construction permit from regulator

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Authority issued the construction permit for the Paks II nuclear power plant which will play a key role in the country’s carbon-free energy production.

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