Tuesday, October 19, 2021


MET Group’s renewable path – interview with Christian Hürlimann, Renewables Chief Executive Officer

Christian Hürlimann speaks about his goals and aspirations as the new Renewables CEO, as well as the opportunities and challenges presented by a region as diverse as Central and Eastern Europe.

Securing a sustainable future – interview with Line Hestvik, Chief Sustainability Officer at Allianz

Sustainability, in every dimension, is one of Allianz’s top priorities. Line Hestvik, Chief Sustainability Officer, about the latest achievements of the group and the prospects for a net-zero future for the insurance industry.

Presenting the European Green Capital 2021 – Interview with Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti

Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti speaks about the journey that led the city towards becoming the first Green Capital in the history of Finland.

Vodafone to make sustainability a strategic priority – Interview with Anita Orbán, External Affairs Director of Vodafone Hungary

Anita Orbán joined Vodafone Hungary at the beginning of this year as External Affairs Director. She spoke to CEENERGYNEWS about Vodafone’s strategy, targets and reflected on the telecommunication industry’s challenges and changing face in light of increased climate ambitions and digitalisation.

The role of gas turbines in supporting the energy transition – interview with Gergő Lencsés, General Manager at GE Gas Power

Gergő Lencsés, General Manager, Gas Turbines Value Chain at GE Gas Power speaks about the role of gas power technology in reaching a net-zero future, especially for countries which rely heavily on coal like those in CEE.

Speeding up the energy transition in CEE – interview with Grzegorz Zieliński, Director, Head of Energy Europe for the EBRD

Renewable energy will replace fossil fuels. But when? Grzegorz Zieliński speaks about his ambitions as the new Director, Head of Energy Europe for the EBRD to do as much as possible and as fast as possible to speed up the energy transition for the entire region, taking into account all local circumstances.

Gas is the key to a greener and secure energy supply – exclusive interview with László Fritsch, CEO of MVM CEEnergy

László Fritsch, CEO of MVM CEEnergy, the leading natural gas trader in Hungary spoke to CEENERGYNEWS about the transforming regional gas market, new projects and the future of gas in the region's energy mix.

Looking for a niche while contributing to a hydrogen economy – interview with Arkadiusz Sekściński, VP of PGNiG Management Board

Arkadiusz Sekściński, Vice-President of the Management Board of PGNiG for Development speaks about the company's plan for the next 2-3 years to create a coherent chain of hydrogen competencies that will allow to meet the challenges of the European Green Deal.

A tectonic shift of capital is just beginning

For BCG, the private sector can act as a powerful agent in solving global problems. Larry Fink, chairman and CEO of BlackRock is putting this theory of change into action, investing in companies that integrate sustainability into their business strategy.

Low-carbon liquid fuels will contribute to the decarbonisation of all transport modes – interview with FuelsEurope Director Alessandro Bartelloni

Alessandro Bartelloni, FuelsEurope Director speaks about the main advantages of low-carbon liquid fuels, what to expect from the upcoming EU directives' revisions and the importance of taking into account the social aspect of the transition.

Connecting the Krk LNG terminal to the transmission system – interview with Dragica Bago, Head of National Dispatching Centre at Plinacro

Dragica Bago, Head of National Dispatching Centre of Plinacro speaks about the challenges of connecting the Krk LNG terminal to the transmission system and the impact it had on its management.

Renewables opportunities in North Macedonia – interview with CMS Partner Marija Filipovska

Marija Filipovska, Partner of the CMS Law Firm speaks about the country’s underdeveloped market of renewable energy and the main opportunities, and risks, for investors.

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