Wednesday, January 19, 2022



Bio LNG for heavy-duty road transport – interview with Shell’s Christian Hoellinger

Christian Hoellinger, Shell's Head of Business Development Europe - Downstream LNG Road speak about the role of bio-LNG in decarbonising Europe's heavy-duty road transport and the part that the CEE region can play in it.

Georgia needs favourable regulations and government support to develop renewables – interview with Manana Kochladze, CEE Bankwatch Network

Manana Kochladze, CEE Bankwatch Network's Regional Coordinator for the Caucasus speaks about building energy efficiency of Georgia's most important electricity producer and the barriers to the development of alternative RES.

The potential of LNG bunkering – interview with Marcin Szczudło, VP of PGNiG Retail Branch

Marcin Szczudło, Vice President of PGNiG Retail Branch speaks about the potential of LNG bunkering in Poland and beyond and the use of CNG and LNG in the transport sector.

What is driving the demand for LNG services – interview with Torben Brabo, GIE President

Torben Brabo, GIE President speaks about the advantages of using LNG to reach the decarbonisation targets and the role played by other gaseous fuels and hydrogen.

LNG is a key supply for European natural gas – interview with György Vargha, CEO of MET International

Following the recent energy crisis with record electricity and gas prices, we spoke with György Vargha, CEO of MET International about how companies can handle such situations in the future and the importance of gas and LNG to meet the growing energy demand.

How CEZ Group plans to become a leader in sustainability rating – interview with Chief Sustainability Officer, Katerina Bohuslavová

Katerina Bohuslavová who leads the new ESG department at CEZ Group speaks about the importance of the “S” which stands for “social” and the “G” for governance” in the Group’s long-term decarbonisation strategy.

A well-functioning gas system is the bedrock of a secure energy transition – interview with Szabolcs I. Ferencz, CEO of FGSZ

Szabolcs I. Ferencz, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of FGSZ speaks about the gas market infrastructure integration within CEE, the role of switching to gas for GHG emissions reduction and the preparedness of the gas transmission infrastructure for the inflow of LNG.

The first year of Krk LNG Terminal – interview with Managing Director Hrvoje Krhen

Hrvoje Krhen, Managing Director of Krk LNG terminal evaluates the first year of operations and its role in ensuring energy security at the regional level, as well as the methane emissions control mechanisms and more.

Ukraine still needs to be a transit country – interview with Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU

Sergiy Makogon, CEO of GTSOU speaks about the role played by gas storage, the impact of Nord Stream 2 on regional energy security and the importance of interconnectors to diversify the sources of supply.

The political will must drive the coal phase-out agenda – interview with Tahseen Jafry, Director of the Centre for Climate Justice

Professor Tahseen Jafry who leads the pioneering Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University speaks about what else is needed to accelerate the coal phase-out and how countries must take the social aspect into account.

This is not the last energy price shock, power price volatility is here to stay – Q&A with Balázs Kotnyek, Partner and Associate Director...

Balázs Kotnyek, Partner and Associate Director at BCG’s Budapest office speaks about the recent turbulence on the energy market, the reasons behind soaring prices, the impacts of energy transition and how we should prepare for similar price shocks in the future.

Leading Shell’s scenarios team in the age of the energy transition – interview with László Varró, VP of Global Business Environment

Earlier in June, Royal Dutch Shell has hired László Varró, former Chief Economist of the IEA to lead its Scenarios team. An opportunity that Mr Varró has defined as a great honour.

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