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Modernising Macedonian electricity market- Q&A with Simon Shutinoski, CEO, National Electricity Market Operator – MEMO

Simon Shutinoski, CEO of North Macedonia's National Electricity Market Operator - MEMO speaks about the main challenges in establishing the country's first power exchange, the successful launch of the organised electricity day-ahead market and the next steps.

How geothermal energy can transform local economies – interview with József Ribányi, Rapporteur, European Committee of the Regions

We sat down with József Ribányi, Rapporteur and member of the ENVE Commission of the European Committee of the Regions to talk about the crucial role of municipalities and local communities in enhancing geothermal energy investments, generating new workplaces and overall creating sustainable and affordable places to live.

Adapting LNG terminals for a green future – Q&A with GLE President Luis Parada

Luis Ignacio Parada, President of Gas LNG Europe shares with us the main findings of the latest GIE study about the evolving role of terminal operators in securing and greening energy.

Building a unified geothermal strategy for Europe – interview with Miklos Antics, President, European Geothermal Energy Council

Ahead of the Budapest Geothermal Energy Summit, we spoke with Miklos Antics, President of the European Geothermal Energy Council about the key components of a European geothermal strategy, the importance of training people and the latest technologies and innovative trends.

From transition to transformation – interview with Pavel Moučka, Managing Director and COO, Gas Storage CZ

We sat down with Pavel Moučka, Managing Director of Gas Storage CZ and Chief Operating Officer, to discuss the role of gas storage facilities, the main trends in gas consumption in Czechia and the possibility of using the gas infrastructure to store hydrogen. 

Revolutionising green hydrogen – interview with Marko Virkebau, CEO of Stargate Hydrogen

We spoke with Marko Virkebau, CEO of Stargate Hydrogen about the company’s proprietary electrolyser and how the right focus on innovation can bring down the costs.

Interview with Darius Šilenskis, CEO, KN ENERGIES

Download our latest e-book and read our exclusive interview with Darius Šilenskis, CEO of Lithuania’s KN Energies and find out more about the Baltic region’s attractiveness for global LNG markets.

Q&A with Szabolcs I. Ferencz, Chairman of the Board & CEO at FGSZ Földgázszállító

Discussing the challenges and opportunities for European gas transmission operators, regional gas markets, interconnection agreements, and the expansion of the Vertical Gas Corridor initiative, we sat down with Szabolcs I. Ferencz, Chairman of the Board & CEO at FGSZ Földgázszállító Zrt.

A pioneering underground hydrogen storage for Europe’s energy transition – interview with Lajos Erdélyi, Head of Company Affairs & Project Manager of EUH2STARS, MFGT

Lajos Erdélyi, project manager of major hydrogen-based energy storage projects at the Hungarian Gas Storage (MFGT), speaks about the importance of the EUH2STARS project, the role of underground hydrogen storage in supporting the energy transition and the strategic goals of MFGT.

Renewable fuels and Europe’s competitive edge – interview with Liana Gouta, Director General of FuelsEurope

Following the Antwerp Declaration, we spoke with Liana Gouta, the Director General of FuelsEurope, about the role that renewable fuels can play in accelerating Europe's sustainability and how can our continent maintain its industrial competitiveness.

Q&A with Poland’s Minister of Climate and Environment Paulina Hennig-Kloska

This week, we spoke with the Polish Climate and Environment Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska to discuss Poland’s future energy mix, the green transition’s role in alleviating regional inequalities, nuclear energy, energy storage, renewable gases and electromobility.

Insights into LNG dynamics – Q&A with Jefferson Edwards, Vice President of Shell Energy

Jefferson Edwards, Vice President of Shell Energy, speaks about the main trends in the LNG industry worldwide, supplies to Europe following global disruptions and its role in a decarbonised world. 

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