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Solar2Share Collective invites companies to donate solar systems to communities

Solar2Share Collective, an inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility initiative jointly undertaken by companies in the renewable energy industry, is inviting other firms to contribute equipment for solar stations in essential institutions such as healthcare and education.

Eco-friendly Easter: embracing traditions with a sustainable twist

From gifts to food and family gatherings, there are several ways to reduce our environmental impact while still enjoying the traditions surrounding Easter.

Enea launches an educational campaign on SMRs

Enea has launched an educational campaign on SMRs, which it is considering to roll-out as part of Poland's decarbonisation process. 

Get the (biodegradable) confetti out! How to welcome 2024 sustainably

Thinking about how to make your New Year's Eve green and clean? As you throw away the wrapping paper, check out some of our tips on hosting a more sustainable New Year's party!

The plastics to avoid this Christmas

Thinking about keeping it circular this Christmas but not sure what to look out for? No need to look any further: we have looked into the 7 types of plastics, considering those on the green list and those that should stay away from the Christmas tree this festive period.

Can the increasing e-waste recycling awareness in Poland aid the EU’s ‘strategic autonomy’?

What can we do to help the EU with its ambitions in "strategic autonomy" in the critical raw materials supply and, at the same time, help save the planet from the climate crisis? Recycling your old smartphone may just be the perfect starting point!

How is the “home office” changing our response to climate change?

As remote work continues to maintain its popularity, what impact will this ongoing trend have on climate change?

Sustainable supply-chains: how will the EU’s new deforestation-free law change your weekly shopping trip?  

A new EU law banning trade for products that contribute to deforestation entered into force in June - what impact will it have on the bloc's climate diplomacy and your next trip to a supermarket?

Climate change in the city: Baltic Sea cities

Central and Eastern Europe may soon find itself among the most popular tourist hotspots on the continent - but are Warsaw and Tallinn ready for climate change?

Popular support to advance with the European Green Deal high as ever, Frans Timmermans says

According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, a huge majority of Europeans believe climate change is a serious problem facing the world and over half think that the European Green Deal should be sped up.

Too hot to go? CEE emerges as a popular travel destination

Will we see more popular destinations popping up and new trends appearing? According to the European Travel Commission, there has been already a surge in popularity for CEE countries.

Heat pumps and solar panels: an unbeatable tag team for your green home?

Can heat pumps and solar panels offer a perfect solution for households looking for the most cost-effective and green solutions for their home’s energy supply?

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