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Romania’s President: environmental education to be at the basis of the school system

Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis underlined the importance of respecting the environment as the basis of the education system whose major goals should include environmental education, sustainability and climate.

The importance of gender balance in the oil and gas sector

According to a study conducted by Boston Consulting Group and the World Petroleum Council, the percentage of women working in the oil and gas industry has remained unchanged at 22%, the same level as in 2017.

Choosing a sustainable Christmas tree

It has already become common knowledge that getting a Christmas tree also means making an impact on the environment but the good news is that there are ways to minimise the negative effects on it by reducing our tree's footprint.

Cut down your Christmas waste with these easy eco-friendly wrapping techniques

Follow these simple hacks to cut most of your packaging waste during the holiday season.

Energy starving Christmas lights

As the festive season approaches, cities are getting dressed up with the finest Christmas lights. There is even a little competition between them: which city can create the most magical atmosphere? And which one, pollutes the most?

“The Plastic Age” requires good education of children: what ORLEN Unipetrol Group is doing in the Czech Republic

So far, 26 Czech primary schools have joined the unique "Plastík and His Magic Suitcase" project. It will offer children an excursion into the world of chemistry using various entertaining experiments.

Hungarians can assess their carbon footprint with this test just with a few clicks

We are all aware that basically everything we do or use impacts the environment in a way. However, we rarely have a clear picture of the exact numbers, generally, we have a hard time quantifying and thus visualising our emissions.

Czechia, Poland, Slovenia and Hungary among lowest-performers in climate policy implementation

Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are among the lowest-performers in climate protection efforts according to the latest Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) monitoring report.

Fashion industry raises ambition to reach the emission reduction targets

The fashion industry is raising its collective ambition with updated science-based emission reduction targets under the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

Women are not in enough decision-making positions to influence climate change

Women are not in enough decision-making positions to influence the crucial decisions regarding climate change, women who otherwise make many climate-positive decisions.

EU Ecolabel now includes all cosmetics and pet-care

The European Commission adopted new EU Ecolabel criteria for cosmetics and animal-care products, offering consumers across the EU the benefit of trusted proof for genuine green brands. 

The Slovenian village which is an answer to the challenges of reaching carbon neutrality

Thanks to the COMPILE Project, Luče has become the first Slovenian self-sufficient energy community with the possibility of island operation, enabling it to be completely energy self-sufficient for an extensive period of time.

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