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The Slovenian village which is an answer to the challenges of reaching carbon neutrality

Thanks to the COMPILE Project, Luče has become the first Slovenian self-sufficient energy community with the possibility of island operation, enabling it to be completely energy self-sufficient for an extensive period of time.

EU calls students to create a short film about the importance of saving energy

The European Commission is launching the "Film4Energy Challenge", a video competition that invites schools across the European Union to create a short film about the importance of saving energy.

How climate change is making your morning coffee more expensive?

Coffee drinkers are so addicted that consumption is unlikely to be hurt much, however as the Planet’s temperature rises and droughts intensify, good coffee will become harder to grow and more expensive to buy.

How to save water? 5 things you can do now

Water is the source of life. It is our common responsibility to use it wisely and save it for the sake of our Planet. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Natural beauty: keep up with the sustainable transformation of the cosmetics industry

Natural and organic cosmetics are greatly influencing and changing the cosmetics panorama. It’s a thriving sector that could change the beauty industry for good. But consumers crave a deeper understanding of natural and organic products and how they work.

Addressing climate change on the big screen

Movies have great potential to shape the discourse on climate change. Here's how cinema can jump-start conversation on the future of our planet.

Climate champions to be: health of the planet is a top priority for kids

The health of the planet is a top priority for kids who also want to be part of the solution to one of the biggest challenges they will continue to face in their lifetimes, according to a study conducted by Cartoon Network.

Is climate change the single most serious problem facing the world? Not for Bulgarians

A new Eurobarometer survey has shown that European citizens believe climate change is the single most serious problem facing the world. But numbers are not the same in all Member States.

Get inspired by Latvia’s energy heritage: the exposition of the Latvenergo’s Energy Museum has opened its doors to visitors

At the end of June, the exposition of the Energy Museum of Latvenergo has opened its doors to visitors in Ķegums, with interactive possibilities for studying the history and development of the energy sector.

Your Netflix habit has a smaller carbon footprint than previously thought

Streaming your favourite one hour-long TV show is the environmental equivalent of popping four bags of popcorn in the microwave, or driving 250 metres in your petrol car, according to a recently published whitepaper from climate group Carbon Trust.

When principles turn into actions: joint community action for environmental protection in Hungary

Environmental protection and a sustainable future can only be achieved if individuals living side by side combine their efforts and act jointly. That is exactly what happened on World Environment Day with volunteers from the Dunamenti Power Plant.

Bathing water quality in Europe remains high

The annual Bathing Water report shows that almost 83% of Europe’s bathing water sites met the European Union’s most stringent 'excellent' water quality standards.

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