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87% of Hungarians are environmentally-conscious

There are almost no people in Hungary, who are not interested in the future of our planet and a citizen can list an average of 12 environmental damage factors, according to a research commissioned by ALTEO Group.

What food would you find in a pollinator-deprived world? Visit Pollinator Park to find out

Pollinator Park offers a glimpse of the bleak future that awaits unless we radically change our relationship to nature. Visitors can learn about pollinators, try their hand at pollination, shop for groceries in a pollinator-deprived world and find out how they can help avoid this possible future.

Explore seasonal fruits and vegetables using this map to eat more sustainable

If you’re wondering when is your favourite fruit or veggie is in season, check out this interactive map to explore your options and follow a more sustainable diet.

Build your solar plant and wind farm in Monopoly’s new green edition

Monopoly has been a popular board game for more than 110 years. Throughout the years countless special and national editions of the game have been published and now it’s time to green things up with the new, sustainable edition.

Find out what’s really going into the chocolate you buy for this Easter

Today, chocolate consumption is approaching historical records. Some companies are rising to the challenge of making cocoa sustainable, while others still have a lot to do to make their products "guilt-free".

Combining renewables and education: the project launched by CEZ Romania

Renewables energy enters into school in nine different counties in Romania, thanks to an investment by CEZ Romania: 145,000 euro to install PV systems at nine high schools.

Individual habits, not technological innovations have the biggest impact on fighting the climate crisis

According to 39% of Europeans, the best way to fight climate change is through a radical change in our individual habits, while 29% believe mostly in technological innovations.

Air pollution: the silent killer claims 1 in 5 deaths globally

A new study published by Harvard University revealed that fossil fuel pollution was responsible for almost one in five deaths in 2018, calling on governments and businesses to do more to switch to clean energy.

Leave your camera off during a web call and reduce carbon footprints

A new study found that just one hour of videoconferencing or streaming emits 150-1,000 grams of carbon dioxide and requires 2-12 litres of water. Turning your camera off during a web call can reduce these footprints by 96%.

Are you ready for the new energy labels?

You know, that multi-coloured sticker with the letters stuck on the front of the new appliance you want to buy. Sounds familiar? It provides a wealth of information on the energy consumption of your new appliance and it’s not so complicated as it seems for the first sight.

5+1 things you can do this year for our planet

The whole world hopes to see an economic rebound this year but we cannot get back to the business-as-usual scenario. At the beginning of the new year, it is time to think about how we might do things differently and build a path complying with our net-zero ambitions.

What are people willing to give up to fight climate change? Polish citizens are at the forefront

The latest EIB Climate Survey focused on how people intend to fight climate change in 2021, what they are willing to give up and how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their travel habits.

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