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Slovenian city of Velenje awarded European Green Leaf 2024 title

With the motto "from black to green & bright", the Slovenian city of Velenje wins the title of European Green Leaf 2024.

How to cut energy bills as the winter season approaches

Poland-based interdisciplinary think-tank Forum Energii published a guide for European households on cutting energy bills in time for the upcoming winter season.

Let’s clean Bulgaria together: over 2,800 tons of waste collected

Over 2,800 tons of waste were collected during the initiative Let's clean Bulgaria together, organised by bTV in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Water.

How has Romanians’ perspective on climate change shifted?

How has Romanians’ perspective on climate change shifted? According to a study released by Social Innovation Solutions, young Romanians are the most aware.

Shell Hungary’s new project turns used cooking oil into biodiesel

By the end of the year, Shell will open collection points at 120 filling stations across Hungary where people can dispose of their used cooking oil that will be recycled into biodiesel to support the development of a circular economy.

World’s first solar-driven mobile home arrives to Hungary

A butterfly-shaped solar trailer named "Larso" has been on the road for three months now. It has visited over 50 cities across 14 countries...

How to reuse treated urban wastewater for agricultural irrigation

The Commission published some guidelines to help Member States and stakeholders apply the rules on the safe reuse of treated urban wastewater for agricultural irrigation.

Over half of human pathogenic diseases can be aggravated by climate change

A recent study published in Nature magazine looked into the impacts of climatic hazards on each known human pathogenic disease, revealing an urgent need to tackle GHG emissions.

Summer reading: 5 books to help us make sustainable and conscious choices

I always promise to read more books and to take more care of the environment and the planet. Let's combine these two. Here's my summer list, not of books that I have read but of those that I would like to read.

Low emission zones in Europe nearly doubled in the past years

Polluting cars are forced off the roads as low emission zones across Europe have risen by 40 per cent since 2019, a recent report found.

Czech hospital launches major energy-saving project

The Thomayer University Hospital in Prague launched a major energy-saving project as part of its modernisation that will cut back the facility's gas and electricity consumption by 30 per cent at least and save 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The vast majority of the EU’s bathing waters are of excellent quality

Whether our destination is a Greek beach, a Hungarian Lake or a French river, we can be sure that the vast majority of bathing waters are of excellent quality, finds the annual Bathing Water report.

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