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Kadri Simson presents EU grid reform plans

European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson presented the European Commission's legislative proposal for reforming the EU's grid network system in a keynote speech yesterday.

EU starts fourth round of demand aggregation for joint gas purchasing

The European Commission announced on Thursday that it is launching the fourth round for European companies to register their gas purchase needs via the AggregateEU mechanism, in view of jointly purchasing gas on the international market.

800 mln euros in subsidies under the Commission’s first European Hydrogen Bank auction

The European Commission launched the first auction under the European Hydrogen Bank to support the production of renewable hydrogen in Europe, with an initial 800 million euros of emissions trading revenues, channelled through the Innovation Fund.

EU Commission endorses Poland’s modified recovery and resilience plan with new REPowerEU chapter

The European Commission announced on Tuesday that it has given a positive assessment of Poland's modified recovery and resilience plan, which includes a REPowerEU chapter.

European Council ready to establish first EU-level certification framework for carbon removals

The European Council adopted its negotiating mandate for talks with the European Parliament on a proposal to establish the first EU-level certification framework for carbon removals.

Intermediate gas storage filling targets for 2024 announced

The European Commission announced intermediate gas storage filling targets that EU Member States are required to meet in 2024 to reach 90 per cent of gas storage filled by 1 November 2024.

Over 396 million euros to accelerate green transition in EU

The European Commission has approved 171 new projects across Europe under the LIFE Programme for Environment and Climate Action. Find out more about those initiated by CEE to accelerate the green transition.

European co-legislators agree ‘provisional political agreement’ on new rules to cut methane emissions in energy sector

The European Council and the European Parliament on Wednesday reached a "provisional political agreement" on a regulation on tracking and reducing methane emissions in the energy sector.

European Parliament and European Council reach political agreement on Critical Raw Materials Act

The European Parliament and the European Council reached a political agreement on Monday on the Critical Raw Materials Act, which has been welcomed by the European Commission. 

EU reaches provisional agreement on Nature Restoration Law

The European Parliament and the Council have reached a provisional agreement on the Nature Restoration Law, a key contribution to reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

Bioenergy continues to be the main source of renewable energy in the EU, says Commission

Bioenergy produced from agricultural, forestry and organic waste feedstock continues to be the main source of renewable energy in the EU, accounting for about 59 per cent of renewable energy consumption in 2021, according to a new Commission report on bioenergy sustainability.

Renewables growth calls for greater cooperation among EU countries to double flexibility in power system, report says

EU member states could exploit collaboration synergies to unlock flexibility and enhance energy security while contributing to long-term climate neutrality, according to a new joint report released on Friday by EU agencies.

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