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EU unveils RepowerEU to shift away from Russian energy dependence

The measures in the REPowerEU Plan can strengthen the EU energy independence and tackle the climate crisis through energy savings, diversification of energy supplies and accelerated roll-out of renewables.

Draft EU plan sees rooftop solar on all public buildings by 2025

The European Commission plans to accelerate the rollout of solar energy to end the reliance on Russian fossil fuels. A leaked draft of the REPowerEU plan sets out faster permitting rules for new projects and a solar strategy that could make rooftop solar mandatory for all new buildings.

European energy associations urge to recognise RES as the only sustainable solution to the current crisis

Five European Energy Associations have co-signed a letter to the European Commission asking decision-makers to recognise what they consider to be “the only real sustainable solution to the current energy crisis: RES.

GHG emissions from operators covered by the EU ETS increased by 7.3% in 2021

GHG emissions from operators covered by the EU ETS increased by 7.3%. in 2021 compared with 2020 levels, reported the European Commission. However, compared with pre-pandemic levels emissions are still on the decline.

ACER and CEER support consumption-based rather than capacity-based filling targets in contrast to Commission’s proposal

In a joint position, ACER and CEER say that the Commission’s proposals on mandatory gas storage levels are overly oriented towards national storage capacity, which may create a disproportionate burden on some Member States.

31 cities from CEE selected to participate in the EU Cities Mission

The Commission has announced the 100 EU cities that will participate in the EU Mission for 100 climate-neutral and smart cities by 2030, the so-called Cities Mission.

A united EU responds to Russia’s decision to halt gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

At the end of the emergency meeting of the EU Energy Minister in response to Russia’s decision to halt natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, 2 keywords emerged: unity and solidarity.

US and EU boost cooperation in offshore wind projects

The US-EU Energy Council High-Level Business Forum facilitated discussions and direct engagement about policies needed to accelerate investment in offshore wind projects.

Four organisations ask the EU to recognise the role of energy storage in ensuring the security of supply

Breakthrough Energy, the European Association for Storage of Energy, Solar Power Europe and Wind Europe signed an open letter calling on the Commission to recognise energy storage’s crucial role in the security of energy supply in Europe.

Commission hosts first meeting of EU Energy Purchase Platform to secure supply of gas, LNG and hydrogen

The European Commission has established with the Member States an EU Energy Purchase Platform for the common purchase of gas, LNG and hydrogen to secure the EU's energy supply at affordable prices.

European Commission endorses Bulgaria’s RRP, one of the greenest in the EU

The European Commission has given the green light to Bulgaria’s Recovery and Resilience Plan, said von der Leyen, describing the plan as one of the strongest green plans within the EU.

The European Parliament passes a resolution on a full and immediate embargo on Russian imports of energy sources

The European Parliament passed a resolution, calling for an immediate full embargo on Russian imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas in view of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

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