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A green agenda for Serbia worth 8 million euros

Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the EU Ambassador, Emanuele Giaufret presented a new initiative worth 8 million euros, to encourage the green transformation of the economy and society.

European Commission published decision to reduce emissions from large combustion plants

The European Commission published an implementing decision to reduce emissions from large combustion plants, which are the biggest single source of air pollutant emissions in the EU.

EU Taxonomy: a step closer to labelling nuclear and gas as sustainable

The European Commission started consultations with experts on a draft text of a Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act covering gas and nuclear activities.

European Commission approves Latvia’s scheme to compensate energy-intensive companies

The European Commission has approved a Latvian scheme to partially compensate energy-intensive users for charges paid to support the financing of RES.

European Commission endorses new guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy

The European Commission has endorsed the new Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection and energy, which will be formally adopted in January 2022.

EU and Mediterranean countries agree to improve the health of the Mediterranean Sea

In efforts to protect the Mediterranean marine environment, ships steaming through the Mediterranean Sea can only use fuels containing low sulphur.

European Commission’s proposals to boost decarbonisation of buildings might be too cautious

The European Commission has proposed to align the rules for the energy performance of buildings with the European Green Deal and decarbonise the EU's building stock by 2050.

EC and UNEP strengthen cooperation for global pollution reduction

The European Commission and UNEP agreed to boost cooperation in the global reduction of pollution.

Establishing the framework for a European hydrogen market: Commission adopts set of proposals

The European Commission has adopted a set of legislative proposals to decarbonise the EU gas market by facilitating the uptake of renewable and low-carbon gases, including hydrogen.

European Commission approves 783 mln euros scheme to support renewable electricity in Croatia

The European Commission has approved a Croatian aid scheme to support electricity production from renewables. The measure will help Croatia reach its renewable energy targets.

The EU ramps up soil protection but increases the use of unsustainable biofuels

About 60-70% of the soils in the EU are unhealthy as a result of unsustainable land use and management, overexploitation and the input of pollutants. Restoration and protection of the soil have become one of the key objectives to achieve.

New LIFE projects will put Europe’s biodiversity on a path to recovery

The Commission has approved an investment package of more than 290 million euros for 132 new projects under the LIFE Programme that will put Europe's biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030.

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