Friday, January 27, 2023



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Slovenian HSE Group makes progress on first Čentiba pilot geothermal power plant

Petrol Geo has officially started the underground construction at an abandoned Pg-8 well as part of the Čentiba pilot geothermal power plant.

New factory for wind farm towers to open in Poland

A joint venture agreement on the construction of a new factory for offshore wind farm towers has been signed between Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu, Baltic Towers and GRI Renewable Industries.

Polish Enea strengthens regional RES infrastructure with new power station

Enea, the Polish electricity operator, has begun another major project as part of the "#Poznań2030" energy network modernisation program.

Masdar partners with SOCAR to develop renewable energy projects with 4 GW capacity

Masdar has signed joint development agreements with SOCAR for onshore wind and solar projects and integrated offshore wind and green hydrogen projects, with a total combined capacity of 4 GW.

Green Genius and RGREEN INVEST to build 8 solar PV projects in Lithuania

Green Genius and RGREEN INVEST arranged a financial agreement to build eight solar PV projects in Lithuania, amounting to a total capacity of 65.7 MW.

“Low carbon electricity resources” key for Poland’s energy transition, says REA report

A recent report by the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology highlighted the "urgent need" for low carbon flexibility resources as part of the net-zero strategies of countries across Europe - including, for the first time, Poland.

PGE Group secures permit for 50 MW PV farm in central Poland

A building permit for a 50 MW PV farm to be built by the PGE Group has been approved. The construction is expected to be finished by the end of 2024.

Green Genius to build a 100 MW solar PV project in Latvia

Green Genius is about to build a 100 MW solar PV project in Latvia. It is the first Green Genius project of this scale in Latvia, which enables further development in this Baltic country.

Croatia publishes tender for RES projects from underground geothermal sites

Last week, the Croatian Hydrocarbons Agency published a tender for the exploration of geothermal waters in the Drava Basin for energy purposes in six research areas.

Hitachi Energy providing energy system for Baltyk offshore wind projects

Hitachi Energy has been selected by Equinor and Polenergia for the design of an electrical system at the Baltyk II and III offshore wind farms, the two of the largest and most advanced offshore wind farms being built in Poland.

Green Genius sign deal on biggest solar investment in company’s history

Earlier today, Green Genius and mBank agreed on a transaction worth 46,45 million euros to build 69 MW solar farms in Poland. This marks the largest Green Genius deal in the Polish market to date.

Estonia’s Eesti Energia launches pre-FEED study for pumped hydroelectric power plant

Last week, Eesti Energia signed an agreement with Engineering Firm Steiger to start the pre-FEED study of its planned pumped-storage hydroelectric power plant with the purpose of determining the exact location for the necessary facilities and specifying the investment cost.

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