Monday, April 19, 2021


PGNiG invests in the electromobility market acquiring shares in Enelion

The PGNiG Group’s corporate venture capital fund PGNiG Ventures has acquired shares in Enelion, a provider of comprehensive solutions for electromobility.

The effects of Electric Vehicles on the transmission grid

The first position paper developed by ENTSO-E analyses the challenges but also the numerous opportunities of this evolution for the TSOs and provides a set of key recommendations to enable the full deployment of EV technology.

Volvo Group joins ČEZ investing in smart EV charging platform Driivz

Volvo Group and smart EV charging platform Driivz are working on their pilot project to develop and test charging services for electric trucks.

Lithuania passes law on alternative fuels to make a green shift in its transport sector by 2030

Lithuania adopted its Law on Alternative Fuels to increase the number of electric vehicles and charging stations and to accelerate the use of cleaner fuels in its transport sector.

MOL acquires filling stations in Slovakia and opens mixed gas and e-charging stations in Romania

MOL Group has announced that its Slovakian subsidiary, Slovnaft has acquired 16 filling stations while MOL Romania signed the contracts to operate and maintain 14 service stations.

Connecting Europe Facility may fund a greener, more sustainable transport, energy networks and digitalisation

The Council and the European Parliament successfully set up a provisional agreement on the second edition of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), to continue to fund key projects within the areas of transport, energy and digitalisation.

Rosatom acquires stake in Korean power storage company

ROSATOM finalised the deal to acquire 49% share of Enertech International, a South Korean manufacturer of electrodes, lithium-ion storage cells and energy storage systems.

From now on the Port of Tallinn now will consume only green electricity

The port of Tallinn entered into a renewable energy purchase agreement with Eesti Energia and now consumes only green electricity produced in Estonia, leaving a total of almost 7,000 tons of CO2 unreleased in the air per year.

OMV and Post sign MoU for green hydrogen in heavy goods transport

OMV signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Österreichische Post for the use of green hydrogen in heavy goods transport.

EU Member States recognise the critical role of biofuels and e-fuels in the transport sector

Following the 10th High-Level Meeting of the Refining Forum, participants stressed the critical role of biofuels and e-fuels in all transport sectors and welcomed the creation of the Renewable & Low-Carbon Fuels Value Chain Alliance.

Škoda Auto’s Czech manufacturing plants will soon rely entirely on renewables

From the second half of this decade, the energy required for the manufacture of vehicles and components at Škoda Auto’s Czech plants will come entirely from renewable sources.

In the Czech Republic you can recharge your car with solar energy

The first of its kind at E.ON: a public charger that uses solar energy. What makes it possible is a combination of a photovoltaic power plant, a battery storage facility and a public charging station for electric cars.

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