Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Council welcomes Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy

The Council of the EU welcomed the Commission’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, a clear political message regarding its commitment to a more sustainable, inclusive, intelligent, safe and resilient transport system.

ŠKODA AUTO introduces a smart energy storage system that reduces CO2 footprint

Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO has introduced a smart energy storage system: a second life cycle for batteries from electric vehicles that effectively reduces their CO2 footprint.

Ministry of Energy and Lithuanian Railways sign a cooperation agreement on energy savings

The Ministry of Energy and the largest railway group in the Baltic States, Lithuanian Railways have signed a cooperation agreement on energy savings, as part of the measures provided for in the Law on Energy Efficiency, which aim to save at least 27 TWh of end-use energy over the coming decade.

FuelsEurope makes specific regulatory proposals for the decarbonisation of transport

According to FuelsEurope, no single policy will be sufficient to create momentum for change throughout a sectoral value-chain: close coordination and integration between policies that impact OEMs, fuels, infrastructures and customer choices are needed.

The missing piece: decarbonising transport and heating in the Danube Region

Based on the findings of the study of NECPs in the Danube Region, experts analysed two important energy policy areas largely influencing decarbonisation efforts in the (yet) non-ETS sectors: the heating and cooling sector and the transport sector.

Up to 23% GHG reduction is achievable from LNG as a marine fuel study confirms

The 2nd Life Cycle GHG Emission Study on the use of LNG as a marine fuel has shown that GHG reductions of up to 23% are achievable now from LNG, compared with current oil-based marine fuels over the entire life cycle from Well-to-Wake.

Porsche to build facilities for its electromobility future in the Czech Republic with the assistance of ČEZ ESCO

The branch network of Porsche in the Czech Republic will build facilities for its electromobility future with the assistance of ČEZ ESCO: the contract includes the construction and servicing of charging infrastructure at all Porsche branches.

OMV Petrom and Renovatio to develop the most ambitious electric mobility project in Romania

OMV Petrom together with Renovatio will install, by the end of 2022, at least 40 fast and ultra-fast recharging stations in OMV and Petrom filling stations, in Romania.

Travelling across the Czech Republic by electric car keeps getting easier

Travelling across the Czech Republic by electric car keeps getting easier, among other things thanks to the expanding offering of public charging stands operated by the energy company ČEZ.

Global EV fleet could reach 230 million by 2030 according to IEA

IEA’s Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2021 found that although the global auto industry suffered a punishing year in 2020 the electric car market bucked the wider trend and is on track for a decade of strong expansion.

Mercedes-Benz introduces EQB, the first fully electric car to be produced in Hungary

Mercedes has revealed its new EQB all-electric compact crossover at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. The compact SUV will be a significant milestone for Hungary’s automobile industry as the first full-electric car produced in the country.

PGNiG invests in the electromobility market acquiring shares in Enelion

The PGNiG Group’s corporate venture capital fund PGNiG Ventures has acquired shares in Enelion, a provider of comprehensive solutions for electromobility.

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