Thursday, April 15, 2021


40,000 km of dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure covering 11 new countries

The European Hydrogen Backbone initiative presented an updated version of its vision for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure across Europe: 39,700 kilometres by 2040, with further growth expected after 2040.

Rosneft explores options to minimise its carbon footprint in hydrogen production

By the end of 2020, the volume of hydrogen production at Rosneft’s facilities was about 400,000 tonnes. Now the company is exploring options to minimise its carbon footprint in hydrogen production.

23 organisations urge the Commission to promote the highest sustainable clean hydrogen standards in EU Taxonomy

23 signatories joined forces with SolarPower Europe and the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition calling on the Commission to promote the highest sustainability standards in the EU Taxonomy for the production of clean hydrogen.

Hungarian Gas Storage’s Aquamarine Project to play an active role in the decarbonisation process

As part of the Aquamarine project, the Hungarian Gas Storage is implementing an electrolysis system with 2.5 MW of total performance and the corresponding hydrogen gas preparatory technology at the Kardoskút site.

Ignitis Innovation Fund invests in start-up developing green hydrogen

Ignitis Innovation Fund has invested 430,000 euros into the Israeli H2Pro developing green hydrogen production technology. Among other investors, we find Breakthrough Energy Ventures, established by Bill Gates.

The transition from blue to green hydrogen: an energy revolution has begun

Green hydrogen has been making the headlines for some time now but what is the reality around the hydrogen debate? Is it just about money?

OMV and Post sign MoU for green hydrogen in heavy goods transport

OMV signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Österreichische Post for the use of green hydrogen in heavy goods transport.

SolarPower Europe launches workstream on renewable hydrogen

To further understand the opportunities and challenges lying ahead for the solar industry, SolarPower Europe launched a new workstream on Renewable Hydrogen.

OMV to build Austria’s largest electrolysis plant

OMV and Kommunalkredit Austria have announced a joint investment in the construction of Austria’s largest electrolysis plant in the OMV Schwechat Refinery which will produce up to 1,500 metric tons of green hydrogen a year.

Kadri Simson: the hydrogen potential of the CEE region

Kadri Simson highlighted that hydrogen is not just a new energy carrier, but the beginning of a revolution in the energy system and the CEE region as a lot of potential being home to the third-largest consumer of hydrogen in Europe: Poland.

NOVATEK and Baker Hughes join forces to reduce CO2 emissions

NOVATEK signed a Cooperation Agreement with Nuovo Pignone, the Italian arm of Baker Hughes, aimed at reducing CO2 emissions with a pilot program to introduce hydrogen blends into the main process for natural gas liquefaction.

NOVATEK and Uniper sign MoU to develop a hydrogen value chain

NOVATEK signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Uniper to develop an integrated hydrogen production, transportation and supply chain, including hydrogen supplies to Uniper’s power stations in Russia and Western Europe.

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