Friday, July 12, 2024


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Poland announces major changes in hydrogen regulation and first large-scale hydrogen storage facility

Poland is preparing legislation to regulate and support the development of the hydrogen economy, potentially adding 870 million euros in value by 2040.

Siemens and Boson Energy accelerate the green energy transition through waste-to-hydrogen technology

Boson Energy and Siemens signed an MoU to facilitate collaboration on technology that converts non-recyclable waste into clean energy.

University of Dunaújváros and Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association partner to develop hydrogen technology curriculum

The University of Dunaújváros and the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association signed an agreement to develop a hydrogen technology curriculum and strengthen and promote training in this field.

Deutsche ReGas and Höegh-LNG partner to build a floating import terminal for hydrogen

Deutsche ReGas signed an agreement with Höegh-LNG to realise the hydrogen import terminal in Lubmin.

Ukraine’s GTSOU underscores the strategic importance of Central European Hydrogen Corridor

"By repurposing existing pipeline corridors, the investment costs required for the CEHC are significantly lower than those needed for developing new hydrogen infrastructure, which makes the project highly competitive compared to other alternatives," said the General Director of the Gas TSO of Ukraine.

Bulgaria’s Energy Minister pledges to further develop hydrogen technologies

Bulgaria’s Energy Minister Vladimir Malinov emphasised the importance of hydrogen technologies in the energy sector as reliable affordable and clean energy sources

European Hydrogen Bank announces second auction for €1.2 billion

During a stakeholder workshop on the European Hydrogen Bank organised by the European Commission’s DG CLIMA, it was announced that the budget for the second auction later this year would amount to 1.2 billion euros.

European Hydrogen Network takes shape: new rules agreed by future operators

Future Hydrogen Transmission Network Operators (HTNOs) agreed on draft rules required in order to establish the European Network of Network Operators of Hydrogen (ENNOH) in the course of 2025.

Regional gas TSOs sign MoU to accelerate development of hydrogen infrastructure

An MoU to coordinate and facilitate hydrogen infrastructure and foster hydrogen market development in the Baltic Sea region was signed by the 9 gas TSOs.

Estonia to support development of hydrogen technologies with 33.7 million euros

Estonia received a state aid permit from the European Commission to support hydrogen technology development projects of Skeleton Technologies with 18 million euros.

Petrobrazi to become first major producer of sustainable fuels in the region

OMV Petrom will invest approximately 750 million euros at Petrobrazi to transform the refinery into the first major producer of sustainable fuels in the region.

EU Commission launches new pilot mechanism to boost hydrogen market

The European Commission is taking further steps to support the development of the European hydrogen market by launching work on a pilot mechanism.

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