Saturday, July 24, 2021


MOL starts to build rubber bitumen plant in Tatarstan with TATNEFT

MOL is building a rubber bitumen plant in the Republic of Tatarstan with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project will be implemented in partnership with TATNEFT, one of Russia's largest oil and gas companies.

Transelectrica and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest launch the first integrated digital laboratory in Romania

Transelectrica signed a strategic partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest to establish the first integrated digital laboratory in Romania, whose aim to test future technologies in the energy field.

PGNiG launches AI project to make production more efficient, cheaper and greener

PGNiG has launched the Smart Field project, which uses advanced digital technology to support oil and gas exploration and production operations. It will increase domestic recoverable natural gas reserves by more than 7 bcm.

New German-Czech research collaboration to provide companies with innovative and sustainable solutions

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is cooperating with the VSB–Technical University of Ostrava to research and develop the potential offered by energy management technologies, artificial intelligence and intelligent production in industry.

First-ever Smart Hydrogen Cabinet unveiled in Estonia

Estonian energy company Alexela and cleantech start-up PowerUP Energy Technologies, unveiled the first-ever Smart Hydrogen cabinet targeted towards small application users of hydrogen including sailing boats, yachts, and campervans.

ŠKODA AUTO introduces a smart energy storage system that reduces CO2 footprint

Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA AUTO has introduced a smart energy storage system: a second life cycle for batteries from electric vehicles that effectively reduces their CO2 footprint.

Powerhouse technology that converts waste plastic into energy to be extended in Hungary and Greece

Powerhouse Energy Group agreed to sign non-binding Heads of Terms with Hydrogen Utopia International to grant an exclusive non-transferable licence for the application of its DMG technology, which is designed to convert waste plastic into energy including hydrogen, in Greece and Hungary.

DTEK launches Ukraine’s first energy storage system

DTEK launched Ukraine's first industrial energy storage system which will ensure the flexibility of the energy system, energy security and will allow the integration of renewables into the country's energy balance.

EU-funded project HEROES kicks off to support the increased uptake of electric vehicles

EU-funded project HEROES aims at supporting the increased uptake of electric vehicles in Europe, thanks to the development and implementation of more efficient charging stations.

ORLEN Unipetrol explores possibilities of chemical plastic recycling

ORLEN Unipetrol has commissioned a pyrolytic testing unit for waste-plastics processing at its chemical plant in Litvínov. By applying the circular economy principles, it contributes to developing a competitive and ecological future of the Czech Republic.

Tungsram opens unique vertical farm in Central Europe

An R&D purpose vertical farm unique in Central Europe was presented in Budapest, in the Újpest headquarters of the European lighting company, Tungsram.

ČEZ is testing new solar panels in Ledvice for larger power plants

ČEZ is using the new photovoltaic power plant in Ledvice to test the properties and suitability of various types of panels that it wants to deploy in large solar parks that the company is planning.

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