Monday, January 18, 2021
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DTEK creates hub in London to attract investment in new energy projects in Ukraine

DTEK is amplifying its presence in London to create an ecosystem to attract investments and innovative technologies in new Ukrainian energy projects.

Power-to-Gas technology for the integration of Hungary’s electricity and natural gas sectors

With the help of the Power-to-Gas technology, electricity is converted in several steps into gaseous fuels, mostly using electrolysis and chemical, biological processes. It is simpler and more economical.

Ramboll’s True Digital Twin technology has the potential to increase lifetime of offshore wind farms

A pilot-test of Ramboll’s True Digital Twin technology at the Wikinger offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea, has revealed a significant analytical potential to increase the lifetime of offshore wind.

5 energy issues to watch in CEE in 2021

While the most used words in 2020 were pandemic and coronavirus, the main driver of 2021 will be recovery. After summarising the most important events of last year in CEE, let's have a look at what to expect from the year that has just started.

Eesti Energia’s new solution to increase the energy efficiency of buildings

Eesti Energia is testing a solution together with Tallinn University that would enable connecting commercial and office buildings as part of the energy system, increasing their energy efficiency.

ČEZ ESCO and SPP to make Slovakia an active player in the energy transformation

ČEZ ESCO and SPP established a joint venture to contribute to the modernisation of the energy sector in Slovakia, increasing energy efficiency and helping to meet the goals set by the European Green Deal.

NOVATEK to implement high-tech solutions with Siemens Energy

NOVATEK has signed a cooperation agreement with Siemens Energy to develop and implement high-tech solutions to produce LNG, electricity and hydrogen, maintaining sustainable development initiatives.

HEP to revitalise hot water network in Zagreb reducing heat energy losses and emissions

HEP will finance the project of revitalisation of 69,5 km of hot water network in Zagreb with the help of EU funds, reducing heat energy losses and pollutant emissions into the environment.

Petrol Group behind the first energy self-sufficient community in Slovenia

Petrol received the Best Energy Efficiency Project Award for a project that created the first energy self-sufficient community in Slovenia: the idyllic village of Luče.

The future of the energy industry: optimism runs in the Budapest Energy Summit

From the US, to Qatar, passing through Russia, the third Budapest Energy Summit gathered the leaders of the energy industry to review how the sector has coped so far with the challenges of the fast-moving coronavirus situation and adjusted to the new normal.

Eesti Energia tests an innovative solution to enter the Finnish market

In 5 years from now, Estonia will be connected to the European power system. To have a flexible and responsive energy production equipment, Eesti Energia is testing an innovative solution that would enable participation in the Finnish market.

Innovative sustainable development uses renewable energy and hydrogen

Renewables, storage and hydrogen are all key aspects of the future of energy. And innovative sustainable solutions from Central and Eastern Europe are worth a particular mention.

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MAN Truck & Bus Slovenia partners with Petrol to develop sustainable logistics transport

MAN Truck & Bus Slovenia has signed a letter of intent with Petrol for the development of sustainable logistics and urban transport, to help achieve the goal of reducing CO2 emissions in urban centres.

Innogy signs an agreement with Czech Ministry of Industry to introduce new energy-saving measures

Innogy has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to improve the country’s energy efficiency and introduce energy-saving measures. Thus, the country is aligning with the EU Directive that obliges countries to save 0.8% of their yearly energy consumption by 2030.

A hundred efficient solutions to reverse global warming

Not only one book, but a hundred efficient solutions to stop the climate catastrophe. The New York Times bestseller edited by Paul Hawken, Drawdown, offers many ways to save our planet. And avoiding food waste is only one of them.

Flexibility will be a key word for gas markets in 2021

In spite of an expected gradual recovery in 2021, the COVID-19 crisis will have long-lasting impacts on natural gas markets. Market players have to adjust their strategies to a highly volatile environment and the repercussions of the pandemic could trigger fundamental changes.