Thursday, June 20, 2024


Estonia’s Geological Survey participates in the DEXPLORE project to find critical metals

The Geological Survey of Estonia is taking part in the international critical metals exploration project called 'DEXPLORE'.

ČEZ Group develops solution to build solar power plants on former mining sites

Engineers from PRODECO, a company from Czech utility Group ČEZ, have been developing a solution to build solar power plants in areas in which industrial mining has been discontinued.

Siemens Energy expands its portfolio in Hungary

Siemens Energy's Budapest plant expanded its portfolio with the production of gas turbine combustors in the new multifunctional centre.

DESFA’s Innovation Center completes first calls for ideas for energy startups

δesfa+ Innovation Center, DESFA's new initiative to support innovative projects in the energy sector, has completed its first Calls for Ideas.

Prices of critical minerals fell but major additional investments are needed, IEA report finds

Pressure eased in 2023 on the market for critical minerals, but a new report from the IEA finds that major additional investments are still needed to meet the world’s energy and climate objectives.

Probe hole drillings to scrutinise feasibility of underground energy storage in Eastern Hungary

Probe hole drillings have recently started in Eastern Hungary to scrutinise the possibility and feasibility of underground energy storage systems in Hungary.

Clean energy technology investments surge, supporting global economic growth, IEA says

Surging investment in the manufacturing of clean energy technologies, especially solar PV and batteries, became a driver of global economic growth, according to the IEA.

Slovenia’s GEN-I presents innovative solutions for controlling electricity costs

To minimise the impact of fluctuations in electricity prices, GEN-I announced the development of fixed-price long-term forward transactions and the creation of solar energy communities.

OMV Petrom to test carbon capture and utilisation facility at Petrobrazi refinery

OMV Petrom has announced that it will test a new carbon capture and utilisation technology at the Petrobrazi refinery, starting in June. The tests are part of a demonstration campaign carried out in Denmark, Romania and Greece. 

Lithuania’s President highlights need for European clean energy technology industry

Lithuania's President Gitanas Nausėda underlined that the need to enhance energy resilience and Europe’s independence from Russian energy remains of utmost importance, during the Baltic Sea High Level Energy Security Meeting.

Enea to use deep predictive AI for grid management

Enea is testing a pilot project on using deep predictive AI models to improve the management of the distribution network load.

Energa launches bifacial PV farms across Poland

Energa has completed five small PV installations across Poland with a capacity of up to 1 MW using bifacial technology.

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