Sunday, May 22, 2022



EXA Infrastructure to link South-East and Western European digital networks via the TAP

EXA Infrastructure and TAP unveiled an MoU for a joint venture to build a new fibre route connecting France with Turkey in a major expansion of EXA Infrastructure’s European network.

Eesti Energia invests in Research & Developement activities to reach carbon neutrality

Last year, Eesti Energia invested 11 million euros in Research & Development activities in order to develop solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of its production and to provide customers with smarter and more beneficial services.

MOL Group acquires recycler ReMat, further integrating circular economy into its operation

MOL acquired ReMat, a recycler with production plants located in Hungary and Slovakia. The transaction fits into MOL’s goal to become a key player in the low carbon circular economy in CEE.

FBE: flow batteries can help the EU reduce its dependence on energy imports

To support the expansion of renewables, ensure the security of supply and achieve self-sufficiency, the EU should increase investment in long-duration energy storage technologies, such as flow batteries.

MFGT’s Aquamarine Project electrolyser construction launches at Kardoskút

Hungarian Gas Storage (MFGT) launched the construction of its 2.5 MW electrolyser and hydrogen gasifier technology within the framework of the Aquamarine Project.

EASE: energy storage is key to Europe’s energy independence

Europe must focus on the diversification of long-duration energy storage technologies, as they provide backup generation during periods of low-renewables production, says EASE.

The European Battery Alliance and US Li-Bridge Alliance receive support in strengthening the supply chain sustainability of batteries

The European Commission and the US Department of Energy announced support for a collaboration between the European Battery Alliance and the US Li-Bridge alliance to accelerate the development of supply chains for lithium-ion and next-generation batteries.

Eesti Energia to install smart solar park for the Estonia Dairy Farm

Eesti Energia plans to install solar panels and battery technology for the Estonia Dairy Farm in Järvamaa. The battery will store the output of PV's and maximise the use of on-site generated energy.

DESFA believes in the young generation for the transition to a sustainable future

DESFA signed an MoU with the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus: a culture of continuous learning, upskilling and reskilling of the human capital is critical.

Key European energy stakeholders advocate for long duration energy storage

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) together with 10 key energy stakeholders have asked legislators to follow the example of the US and support more provisions for long-duration energy storage.

Elering and TalTech will cooperate in IT energy data analysis and cybersecurity

Estonia's TSO Elering is continuing cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and expanding partnership in the area of IT energy data analysis and cybersecurity.

22 SMEs offered innovative energy solutions at OMV Petrom’s and EIC’s event

Twenty-two European SMEs presented innovative solutions that address the goals of the climate agenda in energy production and distribution, during an event organised by OMV Petrom and the EIC.

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