Our Partners

We maintain and develop relations between the UK and Hungary. Our work covers a range of issues including policy, defence and security, trade and investment.

The Green Policy Center is a Hungarian think tank and advisory established on the occasion of the 50th Earth Day in April 2020. It aims to promote a meaningful dialogue on sustainability, climate policy and other environmental issues, in order to achieve the 2050 climate neutrality goal. During our work we produce innovative ideas, policy proposals and research with the involvement of our own staff, experts and recognised professionals in their field. Alongside this, the Green Policy Center supports the elaboration and implementation of specific project ideas for the public, private and civil sectors too.

Invest In Network is a UK-based company specialised in the power industry (with a strong focus on renewables) consultancy for emerging markets. We connect international investors, EPC, technology and solution suppliers to prospective partners and clients in countries with huge untapped potential in the Black Sea, Caucasus, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.

gasnews.eu is an industry website covering the gas market, industrial technologies, infrastructure, investments and energy policy. Everyday we publish industry information from Europe and the world.