Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Third Energy Innovation Forum

11 February 2021

An exclusive workshop on innovation in the energy sector in the UK, with a special focus on electricity
system flexibility. The event will provide a unique opportunity to learn from and interact with some of the
leading innovators in the field on the new technological solutions in grid flexibility and energy storage.

Budapest Climate Summit

7-8 October 2021

The Budapest Climate Summit is a niche event focusing on the green transition of the CEE region’s economy. The summit brings together policy makers, industry experts, corporate leaders, technology pioneers and next generation sustainable leaders to share their perspectives on how to enable businesses and the civil society to deliver actions necessary to achieve climate objectives.

Budapest LNG Summit

6-7 December 2021

The Budapest LNG Summit is a unique conference series focused on the up and coming LNG region of Central and Eastern Europe. The 3rd Budapest LNG Summit in 2021 will cover all the hot topics dominating the LNG sector, bringing together stakeholders from the entire value chain. The Summit connects regional CEE demand with the international supply chain while providing a platform for sharing and discussing insights and perspectives on the key LNG-related developments in the region.

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