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Budapest Hydrogen Summit

10 March 2022

The Budapest Hydrogen Summit aims to bring together top industry stakeholders and policymakers from the CEE region and beyond to discuss the opportunities and challenges in harnessing the full power of hydrogen and to find out how this fuel could contribute to a carbon-free future. The goal of the conference is to encourage cross-sector dialogue and knowledge-share to ensure the rapid scale-up and delivery of the hydrogen economy.

8th International LNG Congress (LNGcon 2022)

28-29 March, 2022

The Congress is a meeting place for gas majors, EPCs, local gas companies, LNG shipping, LNG road transportation, truck and fleet owners, terminals and ports who will address the most relevant topics of the industry. Among the issues to be discussed: new normal in LNG industry after COVID-19; LNG along the TEN-T Network; difference in price quotations in different regions.


26-27 April 2022

The 4th Global LNG Forum is an industry flagship event which gathers established industry experts and practitioners from different LNG sectors every year. Industry peers meet to share latest developments and challenges within their organisations, discuss future plans, technical solutions and LNG market insights. This two-day event covers the most critical topics and updates of the LNG industry. This year the focus will be placed on demand and supply dynamics, further growth of the global LNG infrastructure, the role of SSLNG in the LNG economy and latest technologies that help make LNG more accessible.

Energy Week – Western Balkans

28-30 June 2022

The event brings together authorities and energy companies from Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo as well as international financial institutions and major multinational investors, EPC and consultancy firms for a dialogue aimed at fostering the deployment of renewable energy in the region and attracting foreign direct investment.

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