Monday, October 25, 2021


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Standards can accelerate achievement of climate goals: ISO launches London Declaration

Following recent research showing that fewer than 1 in 4 of the largest companies is on track to meet basic climate change targets, members of ISO promise to embed key climate considerations into every new standard created.

Addressing the social aspect of the coal phase-out: lessons learnt from the UK

Currently, 41 regions in 12 EU Member States are still actively mining coal, providing jobs to about 240,000 people who have limited opportunities to find alternative employment.

EU to push ambitious goals at UN global biodiversity summit

The European Union is leading efforts at COP15 to achieve an ambitious global agreement to halt biodiversity loss, as set out in the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.

UN declares access to a clean environment as a fundamental human right

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted four resolutions yesterday, including one that defines a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a fundamental human right.

Transforming the energy system: here is how

Ambitious investments will be necessary to reshape power generation and energy use both on the supply and demand sides. Representatives of the industry discuss the main challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

CEE on the road to COP26

We are a month away from COP26, a long-awaited event in terms of climate commitments and also CEE countries are giving more and more thought to the challenge of fighting climate change.

BCG presents the six steps of sustainable transformation

Sustainability is rapidly reshaping competitive advantage. BCG has identified six actions that distinguish leaders from the rest of the pack.

Nestlé Bulgaria is 100% green

Nestlé Bulgaria has received a certificate for the use of 100 per cent green energy in 2021. The company is saving around 14,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

How Turkey is decarbonising its largest energy-consuming industry: the building sector

Energy efficiency is critical to Turkey’s ability to both maintain its economic growth and meet its commitments on climate change and environmental sustainability. Especially in the building sector.

Timmermans: looking forward to Turkey formulating its own Green Deal

In the wake of climate change-induced events, Turkey and the EU discussed areas where they could advance their climate cooperation, in the pursuit of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Serbia aims to achieve 40% of renewable energy by 2040

Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, said that the country’s goal is to have by 2040 at least 40% of the energy obtained from renewables and more than 50% by 2050.

Baltics TSOs agree on promoting the development of green gases

The gas transmission system operators of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania namely have signed an MoU on promoting the development of green gases, also called renewable gases.

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