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Ukraine-Russia crisis

Hungary seeks exemption for pipeline imports of Russian crude

As the EU struggles to reach a consensus over an embargo on Russian oil, Hungary demands financial guarantees or an exemption for pipeline imports to join the bloc's proposed embargo.

Gazprom refuses to reroute additional gas flow after Ukraine calls force majeure

Gas flows into Europe from Russia were put under further pressure after the Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU) has called force majeure and suspended Russian gas flows via key transit pipeline Sokhranivka that runs through Russian occupied territory in the East of the country transiting almost a third of Russian gas supplies to Europe.

MOL supports the operation of Ukraine’s energy network

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL is showing solidarity with war-torn Ukraine by supporting the continuous and secure operation of the country's energy network through asset support.

Commission proposes ban on Russian oil, Rystad Energy warns against increased volatility and rising prices

While presenting the sixth package of sanctions, the European Commission is proposing a ban on Russian oil, which follows the latest ban on coal.

A united EU responds to Russia’s decision to halt gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

At the end of the emergency meeting of the EU Energy Minister in response to Russia’s decision to halt natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, 2 keywords emerged: unity and solidarity.

Hungary and Slovakia may be exempt from Russian oil embargo

The European Commission may spare Hungary and Slovakia from a Russian oil embargo, now under preparation, given the two countries reliance on Russian crude.

Ukraine’s Gas TSO: number of settlements without gas supply increases

Ukraine’s gas transmission system operator (GTSOU) is reporting that the number of settlements without gas supply in the East of the country has increased.

Ukrenergo becomes Observer Member of ENTSO-E

ENTSO-E has granted Ukrenergo the status of Observer Member, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the important relationship between Ukrenergo and all the European electricity TSO members of ENTSO-E.

Russia halts natural gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Natural gas supplies from Russia to Poland under the Yamal contract have been suspended. That’s what PGNiG announced after having received a letter from Gazprom.

Ukraine’s president signs law on the use of energy storage systems

Ukraine’s president signed the Law on the Use of Energy Storage Systems, which will balance the operation of the power system and increase the stability of electricity supply to consumers.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund receives the first donation

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund set up by the Energy Community Secretariat has received the first donation from the Government of Denmark.

There is no silver bullet that will get us to net-zero

As the energy industry just started to recover from the pandemic, it had to face record-high prices coupled with the effects of a devastating war in Ukraine. How to go forward?

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