Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Expectations of COP27

What can we expect from COP27? Barbara Botos, Hungary's Ambassador-at-large for Climate shares her expectations of what she defines as the 'Implementation COP'.

Renewables in Ukraine: poised for renaissance and waiting for the new market model

Kateryna Polyakova, director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency writes about the future of renewable energy in Ukraine, which is poised to get new momentum after the war.

Net zero: still the best road to energy security

COP26 Regional Ambassador for Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and Iran, David Moran looks at what we achieved at COP26, what has happened since and what we should do at and beyond COP27 to reach net zero.

The million-euro question: do bioplastics truly ensure environmental benefits?

Samy Porteron, Programme Manager at ECOS explains how to differentiate bio-based from biodegradable and bioplastics, while analysing the upcoming policy framework.

CEE’s building momentum: shaping a zero-emissions transport sector in Poland

Aleksander Rajch, External Affairs Director at the Polish Alternative Fuels Association writes about the two-speed development of zero-emission road transport in Europe and how we must address this issue to bring the voice of the CEE to the table.

How does EV take-up in Europe compare to the rest of the world?

Craig Hall writes about how the take-up of EVs in European countries compares to the rest of the world and explores some of the reasons that could explain the current trends.

Energy Community readies to adopt energy and climate targets for 2030 to contribute to achieving a climate-neutral Europe by 2050

Borko Raicevic, Senior Energy Efficiency Expert & Acting Head of the European Green Deal Unit at the Energy Community Secretariat writes about the steps that must be taken by the Contracting Parties to stimulate investment into a sustainable energy future.

Raising awareness of hydrogen and energy storage pathways

Tamás Mérő, reservoir team leader & innovation project manager of the Aquamarine project at Hungarian Gas Storage writes about the latest developments in hydrogen technology presented at the E-world Energy & Water conference.

Building a sustainable future in coal regions in transition

Ioanna Theodosiou, Policy Associate at Green Tank talks about the results of their latest report discovering Europe's rich experience in sustainable and socially just investments in coal region.

Technical consultations with political undertones – assessment of the 2022 UN Interim Climate Conference

Tibor Schaffhauser, Co-founder of the Green Policy Center sums up the outcomes and main takeaways of the Bonn Climate Change Conference held in June.

RRP: the bare minimum for over 9 billion euros

Sonia Buchholtz, from Forum Energii writes about Poland's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) and how it should be further implemented so that its measures are adjusted to the current situation.

EU ETS reform and the role of financials on the market

Wojciech Dąbrowski, CEO of the PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna writes about the ongoing debate on the EU ETS reform: there are options that might address the issue of excessive speculation and at the same time keep the market open for the players that ensure its liquidity.

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