Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Turkey and Greece: overlapping claims and growing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tamás Kozma, head of the Asian and African Relations Department of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, writes about the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although the pursuit of natural gas wealth can be identified as a central motif, the present situation has exceeded the framework of an energy resource conflict.

Giving enough recognition to energy poverty in the Western Balkans

Slavica Robic, Executive Director at DOOR, writes about energy poverty in the Western Balkans which face specific hardships due to historical and cultural determinants.

Energy storage: Innovative solutions to meet today’s most pressing challenges

Brittney Elzarei, Policy Manager at EASE (the European Association for Storage of Energy), writes about energy storage which is gathering momentum as a key technology for the transition to net-zero.

CEE Gas Markets: a decade of untold successes ahead of new challenges

Szabolcs I. Ferencz, Chairman and CEO of FGSZ, argues that the CEE region – even amidst the new waves of fundamentally changing energy markets – has made significant progress by improving the previously fragmented, divided and outdated market conditions. But market integration is not finished yet.

Recover Europe? Renovate buildings!

Peter Robl, Public Affairs Manager Eastern Europe at Knauf Insulation and MEP Martin Hojsík, write about building renovation as a key element of achieving Europe's 2030 and 2050 decarbonisation targets.

Poland’s challenges and opportunities to reach climate neutrality

Aleksander Szpor, head of the climate and energy team at the Polish Economic Institute, writes about Poland's challenges, mainly due to its coal-based energy system and the opportunities to reach climate neutrality by 2050.

Ending energy poverty starts with efficient homes

Monica Frassoni, President of the European Alliance to Save Energy, writes about the importance of tackling energy poverty through buildings' renovation, to make them more energy-efficient and lower residents’ energy bills.

An energy strategy for Kosovo

Arijeta Pajaziti Qerimi, executive director at AWESK, writes about the energy sector in Kosovo: small, with certain issues and challenges including a lack of adequate and reliable supply, environmental constraints and gender inequality.

Delayed effect of COVID-19 in oil handling business

Darius Šilenskis, CEO of KN, writes about the delayed results of the COVID-19 pandemic, including record low oil prices due to the extremely low demand for oil products and falling refining margins.

Toward a just transition in Bulgaria: Key objectives and challenges

Olivier Marquette, President for AES Bulgaria and Amcham Bulgaria Board of Directors, writes about the European Green Deal’s ambitions and Bulgaria’s two critical policy objectives: achieving the transition to clean energy and energy market integration.

CEE energy sector challenges beyond Russophobia and COVID-19

Tibor Fehér, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs at MVM Group, writes about the energy discourse in CEE, which has to adapt in the framework of EU discussions, without being distracted from pro- and anti-Russian feelings in the nuclear or the gas sector.

Looking to the Future of US-Hungarian Energy Cooperation

Marc Dillard, Chargé d'Affaires of the US Embassy to Hungary, writes about the the future of cooperation on energy issues between the US and Hungary.

Most Read

Kosovo to expand its wind capacity with 57.5 mln euros EBRD loan

Kosovo, a country heavily reliant on coal, took a major step towards the decarbonisation of its electricity sector with the help of a 57.5 mln euros loan from the EBRD to finance the construction of a 105 MW wind farm.

PGNiG Upstream Norway acquires two new fields in the North Sea

PGNiG Upstream Norway signed an agreement with Norske Shell to acquire interests in Kvitebjørn and Valemon, two producing fields in the North Sea. The gas produced will be sent to Poland after the Baltic Pipe link is launched.

Antje Kanngiesser appointed new CEO of the Alpiq Group

Antje Kanngiesser has been appointed as the new CEO of the Alpiq Group, the leading Swiss electricity producer.

Taking account of social and environmental impacts ahead of the World Tourism Day

Tourism has been among the hardest hit of all sectors by the COVID-19. On this World Tourism Day, the pandemic represents an opportunity to rethink the future of the tourism sector, including how it contributes to the sustainable development goals.