Sunday, September 19, 2021


The new industrial strategy of the EU and its relations to Japan-EU Green Alliance

Yu Hasumi, Professor at the Faculty of Economics at Rikkyo University in Tokyo writes about the importance of a strategic cooperation between the EU and Japan in areas of green, digital and circular economy.

An insider’s view from the ninth Polish National Energy Summit

Last year, 2020, was a historical year in Poland for energy generation. Ferenc Kis, Renewable Energy Business Development Director at RSK Europe shares his perspective on the Polish National Energy Summit and the country's future energy developments.

Three lessons from Poland’s exceptional coal region

Seven out of 44 European coal regions are located in Poland and although Upper Silesia is the most well-known among them, Aleksander Szpor, from the Instrat Foundation mentions another one which is becoming prominent in the just transition process.

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: expectations and implications for the CEE region

Tibor Schaffhauser, Co-founder of the Green Policy Center shares his insights on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and what it could mean to the CEE region.

The path to mainstream reusable packaging is paved with effective laws and standards

On 3 July, Europeans waved goodbye to many single-use plastic items. Samy Porteron, Programme Manager at ECOS writes about the lack of dedicated laws and standards and the unique window of opportunity in front of which politicians and industry players stand to help curb plastic pollution.

Supply chain decarbonisation offers a game-changing opportunity for companies

Adam Karakas, Principal at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) writes abou the possibility to decarbonise major global supply chains with readily available technologies at low end-to-end costs.

On the way to COP26

András Huszár, co-founder and director of the Green Policy Center writes about the latest expert-level meeting of the subsidiary bodies of the UNFCCC and two key topics: transparency and the development of international emission allowance trading.

Approach to develop sustainable projects in Albania

Lorenc Gordani, Director of the Master Department at Tirana Business University writes about the renewable potential in Albania with a focus on the regulatory environment from an investor's perspective.

It is high time to talk about the details of creating a climate-neutral Hungary

Hungary was among the first countries in the world to adopt legislation that stipulated at the legal level that the country would reach the state of climate neutrality by 2050.

Fit for 55 – will it be fit for all? Expectations of the CEE region on the new EU climate legislative package

The European Council has reaffirmed its invitation to the Commission to develop a legislative package to reach the new climate ambitions of the Union. Tibor Schaffhauser, Co-founder of the Green Policy Center looked into what the new Fit for 55 package will include and what could it mean for the CEE countries.

Building renovation is a silver bullet and it is time to pull the trigger

Nolan Theisen, Globsec's Climate and Energy Fellow writes about the building renovation wave, wondering if the tremor of recovery will trigger the tidal wave of long overdue and underprioritised renovations in CEE.

How to stop Nord Stream 2?

Maksym Bielawski, leading expert at the Razumkov Centre reflects on the current situation of Nord Stream 2, the recent cooperation between Ukraine and Poland and the most important steps to take to increase the level of energy security on the European continent.

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