Tuesday, March 28, 2023


ESG reporting and diversified renewables: how to fix the region’s energy investment landscape?

Julita Wilczek, expert at the Institute of New Europe explores key barriers to CEE energy investment: identifying them is a necessary step to overcoming them.

Wanted: Sustainable transport in Central Europe

In this article, the first of a series, the International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) gives a closer look at the decarbonisation of the transport sector in the V4, just one segment of future sustainable investments.

Energy Community: renewables set to make a breakthrough in 2023

Naida Taso, Renewable Energy Expert at the Energy Community Secretariat writes about the region's massive untapped renewables potential and the conditions needed to be fulfilled to exploit such potential.

Serbia: Un(b)locking the Wind Auctions

Petar Mitrović, from Karanović & Partners, examines the much-awaited draft of the amendments to the Law on Use of Renewables published by Serbia's Ministry of Energy.

First hydrogen snowcat – World premiere in Flachau, Austria

Andrea Pánczél shares her recent experience, witnessing the premiere of the first hydrogen snowcat in Flachau: an interesting solution for the greening of ski resorts worldwide.

Climate-neutral banking in Hungary – a status quo

"International initiatives and good practices could also be applied in Hungary, helplessness is just an illusion," claims the Green Policy Center's recently published study, whose main findings are shared by its co-founder Tibor Schaffhauser.

Ukraine’s regulatory progress in renewable energy: looking back at 2022

Ahead of the Black Sea Energy Week, Kateryna Polyakova, Director of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency shares an update of Ukraine's renewables regulatory progress in 2022.

The new era of polycrisis: keep the belts fastened for 2023

Botond Feledy, Director of Tipping Point Consulting, shares his expectations for 2023: from the growing role of prosumers to the importance of defending critical infrastructure, 2023 will be another year of multiple crises happening at the same time.

Wastewater treatment and nature-based solutions: how is the Central and Eastern European region doing?

Darja Istenič, researcher at the University of Ljubljana explains how nature-based wastewater treatment technologies work and how their implementation in CEE is still far behind that of many Western and Northern European countries.

The role of small scale LNG in business

László Bartha and Bernadett Györfi from MVM CEEnergy write about the potential offered by small scale LNG that can fulfil all the flexibility and environmental protection expectations our world is seeking to address today.

As the economics of energy storage technologies improve, the need for unreliable gas in South East Europe is declining

Toby D. Couture, from E3 Analytics and Kostantsa Rangelova, from the Center for the Study of Democracy, share with us the main findings of a report about how energy storage can help improve the security of power supply in the SEE region.

Residential renovation for the sake of people and the planet

Veronika Kiss and Gyorgy Sumeghy, Habitat for Humanity International, write about the structural changes that we need to reach a just energy transition, among which residential renovation is crucial.

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