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Everyone talks about green hydrogen however the key success factors are not analysed deeply yet

Ákos Hegedüs, managing director of Linde Gáz writes about the importance of taking into account operational costs, challenges and safety when speaking about green hydrogen production and transportation.

Clean Air Regions: an initiative committed by Western Balkans municipalities 
to tackle air pollution

László Örlős, Managing Director of Hungary’s Western Balkans Green Centre and Péter Vajda, Senior Environmental Expert at the Energy Community share the experience of the Clean Air Regions Initiative to tackle air pollution.

Three shades of gas

Jakub Groszkowski, Executive Director of CEEP reflects on the hydrogen and decarbonised gas market package which came in a very specific time making the energy security and resilience of the gas sector an important part of the package, especially concerning CEE.

The role of Moldovatransgaz between security of supply and interregional cooperation

Iurie Dolghier, Director of Moldovatransgaz writes about the main goals for the company which include the alignment with the Third Energy Package and securing the natural gas transmission for domestic consumers as well as for transit.

Lost decade and chances in the Czech energy sector

Miroslav Lopour, business economist at Deloitte is looking back at 2021 assessing the energy sector: one may say that future looks bright, however, at a close look, this argument does not stand, at least in the CEE region.

Europe’s power market: acceptable energy costs and long term security of supply needs today’s rules reshaped

Eryk Kłossowski, Artur Świętanowski and Maciej Jakubik from PSE write about Europe’s current exposure and vulnerability which should be blamed mainly on the current power market design.

The challenges of energy transformation and the role of ESO in meeting the 2030 targets

Angelin Tsatchev, Executive Director and a member of the Management Board of the Electricity System Operator writes about his clear vision for solving the urgent tasks facing our energy transformation.

Germany’s ambitious decarbonisation plan may serve as an example for CEE

Ádám Karakas, Principal at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) writes about Germany which has pledged serious decarbonisation goals, serving as a close-to-home example for CEE.

The hydrogen story of Hungary

Annamaria Fehér, Head of the CEO’s Cabinet at MVM CEEnergy and Tamás Mérő, Head of Reservoir Team, Hungarian Gas Storage write about hydrogen-based technologies and Hungary's progress in this regard.

The myth and reality behind high European energy prices

Politicians and experts have listed various causes for the extreme price volatility. Tibor Fehér, Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs at MVM Group highlights only two, which are politically sensitive and interrelated: the role of Russia and the role of the EU energy and climate policy.

Fit-for-55 Package ambitions in light of prospects of decarbonising the Hungarian heavy-duty transport sector

Lajos Veér, Manager of Operations and Energy Procurement at EUROWAG writes about the lack of improvement towards decarbonising the heavy-duty transport sector and the uncertainties posed by the Fit-for-55 package.

What price do we pay for gas?

Alexandra Józsa, a Senior Market And Business Development Expert illustrates some of the most important consequences in Europe and the CEE region that were triggered by surging gas prices.

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