Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Hydrogen: is it hype or new reality?

Marta Halabala, a senior associate at Asters, writes about the factors that have contributed to an increased focus on hydrogen and how Ukraine can be a priority partner to implement the European Hydrogen Strategy.

How to evaluate pipeline gas versus LNG

Dr Erich Jurdik, Deputy CEO of construction of TurkStream writes about the importance of GHG emissions reduction targets when evaluating a natural gas supplier and the difference with LNG supply is striking.

Hungary’s big green public transport overhaul

Veronika Erős, head of the Green Bus Project Office in Hungary writes about how to make public transport more climate-friendly, making our citizens and the environment the ultimate winner.

Skills key in the EU’s digital-green transition: implications for the CEE region

Veronika Czakó, Socio-Economic Analyst, Energy Technology Innovation at the European Commission writes about the importance of a twin transition: one to a clean energy system and the digital transformation of the economy and society.

Western Balkans: the coal keg of Europe as a trigger of change?

László Örlős, Managing Director of Hungary’s Western Balkans Green Centre writes about the Western Balkans in which, despite the strong commitment to increase their renewable energy quota, fossil-fired plants continue to play a key role.

This turbulent year has proven the steadiness and resilience of solar energy

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe writes about the clear trend emerged this year: solar and renewables have offered predictability, resilience and security while other energy sources have failed.

EU green recovery powered by Blockchain

Thomas Symes, Research Officer at Blockchain & Climate, write about blockchain technology as a key aspect in the green recovery, helping to kickstart the #renewable energy transition.

Rethinking the Trans-Balkan pipeline

Sergiy Makogon, GTSOU’s CEO writes about the Trans-Balkan gas transit corridor which should be a warranty of energy security for Southeast Europe.

Comprehensive national policies key for CEE to take advantage of the energy transition

Michał Motylewski from Dentons writes about how CEE countries made insufficient use of the National Energy and Climate Plans. Where policies today are fragmented, they need to be aligned and supplemented.

A need for fair transition in Central Europe

Maciej Jakubik, former executive director of Central Europe Energy Partners, writes about the energy transition., currently on top of the political agenda. However, disparities among Member States still persist. Is the European Commission’s plan fair also for CEE and the Baltics?

Update on global gas and LNG prices in 2020: how has it coped with recent market dynamics?

Mahdjouba Belaifa, Head of Gas Market Analysis Department at the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) and Sandy Singh, Research Assistant in the Gas Market Analysis Department, examine how natural gas and LNG prices reacted to an oversupplied LNG market, combined with the COVID-19.

Turkey and Greece: overlapping claims and growing tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

Tamás Kozma, head of the Asian and African Relations Department of the Antall József Knowledge Centre, writes about the recent tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Although the pursuit of natural gas wealth can be identified as a central motif, the present situation has exceeded the framework of an energy resource conflict.

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