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Poland approves construction of first nuclear power plant

The Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, upon the request of Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe (PEJ), issued a decision formally confirming that the investment in Poland’s first nuclear power plant (NPP) aligns with the public interest and the state’s pursued policies, including energy policy (12 July).

This decision grants PEJ, a state-owned special purpose company, the right to apply for additional administrative decisions such as determining the location and obtaining subsequent building permits.

The application submitted by PEJ in April earlier this year provided a comprehensive description of the investment’s characteristics, including its maximum total installed capacity, planned operation time, and the technology proposed for building Poland’s first nuclear power plant.

The documentation is in line with strategic government documents, including the Council of Ministers’ resolution from 2 November 2022. This resolution outlined the necessity of constructing a nuclear power plant with a capacity of up to 3,750 megawatts electric (MWe) in the northern Choczewo or Gniewino and Krokowa communes, utilising the American AP1000 reactor technology.

The establishment of the first nuclear power plant in northern Poland is expected to play a vital role in compensating for the projected increase in power demand. It will also contribute to the stability of power supply, diversification of energy supply, and ensure energy sovereignty, which is particularly crucial for Central and Eastern Europe, Poland’s Climate and the Environment Ministry said via a press release.

In November 2022, a study commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment revealed strong support for the construction of nuclear power plants among the general public, with 86 per cent of Poles in support of the initiative. Additionally, over 70 per cent of the respondents expressed their willingness to have a nuclear power plant built near their place of residence.

The Polish Nuclear Power Program envisions the construction of 6-9 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity based on large, proven pressurised water reactors.

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