Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Tag: Nuclear

Czech Coal Commission proposes coal exit by 2038

The Czech Republic’s Coal Commission recommended withdrawing from coal mining by 2038, also considering scenarios of an earlier (2033) and later (2043) coal-exit as well. The final decision rests now with the Czech government.

Russia’s TVEL completes development of the new nuclear fuel modification for Hungary’s Paks NPP

TVEL has completed the project of development and validation of the new nuclear fuel modification for the VVER-440 reactors operated at the Paks NPP in Hungary. It will increase the efficiency of fuel usage and advance the economic performance of the power plant operation.

Nuclear energy will be an opportunity for Poland’s economy

Clean nuclear energy is to play a major role in Poland to reduce GHG emissions and to open up new opportunities for the Polish labour market. 
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