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Hungary is ready to support Uzbekistan’s nuclear program

Cooperation between Hungary and Uzbekistan may be extended to the area of nuclear energy in the future, announced Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó during his speech at the Hungarian-Uzbek Business Forum in Tashkent on 7 May.

Demand for electric power is expected to double by 2030 in Uzbekistan and the production of affordable, sustainable and secure energy in such a large volume can only be realistically achieved through nuclear power, underlined Mr Szijjártó.


He announced that the two countries are ready to triple the financing of the Hungarian-Uzbek investment fund, raising it from 50 to 150 million US dollars, in order to be able to support any potential common projects, including the construction of nuclear power plants in Uzbekistan.

He added that an agreement has been reached with Tashkent according to which, should the Uzbek Government sign a contract with Russia’s Rosatom on the construction of a new nuclear power plant, they shall use Hungarian water cooling technology.

Minister Szijjártó emphasised that his delegation in the Central Asian country featured 29 corporate leaders of the Hungarian industrial sectors, including nuclear energy, where Hungarian companies represent top-notch quality in a global comparison.


He also confirmed that Hungary is ready to support the Uzbek nuclear program with the start of the training and education in Hungary of future Uzbek nuclear professionals and the Hungarian Government is open to further cooperation.

Hungary and Uzbekistan launched a comprehensive nuclear cooperation agreement in October 2022, when it was already announced that cooperation in the nuclear program would include technology elements.

Hungary also launched an R&D program on nuclear fuel elements, in light of the fact that Uzbekistan is the 7th largest producer of uranium ore.

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