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LNG: accelerating energy diversification in CEE – our second e-book is available now!

In March 2022, the United States and the European Union established a joint Task Force on Energy Security. Among the objectives, the US agreed on additional liquified natural gas (LNG) volumes for the EU market of at least 15 billion cubic metres (bcm) for 2022 and an additional 50 bcm per year until 2030; both parties committed to reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of all new LNG infrastructure and associated pipelines; and, the European Commission promised to work with the governments of the Member States to accelerate their regulatory procedures for LNG import infrastructure. Some of these targets have materialised, while some of them are still a work in progress.

That’s why at CEENERGYNEWS, we are proud to present our second e-book focused on all the major developments of the expanding LNG market in Central and Eastern Europe.


First, we collected all the most important news of the LNG market of the region from the past three months.

Then, CEENERGYNEWS’ editor-in-chief has prepared for you an overview of the LNG infrastructure in the region, everything you need to know about the projects under development and additional interconnectors needed for CEE countries to be part of the LNG revolution. She also spoke with Arno Büx, Chief Commercial Officer of Fluxys and President of Gas LNG Europe (GLE), about the role of LNG in helping ensure the security of supply, our continent’s competitiveness compared to other markets and the potential of LNG when coupled with renewables and, especially with hydrogen.

Together with in-depth analyses, we have also prepared for you a map of the LNG import capacity in CEE where you will clearly understand how this commodity works and travels throughout the region

Finally, we have dedicated the last part of the e-book to a special focus on hydrogen, collecting some brief developments of the hydrogen market in CEE over the past 3 months and the role that hydrogen can play coupled with the LNG infrastructure.

To download the e-book, please visit the dedicated page.

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