LNG: accelerating energy diversification in Central and Eastern Europe

Data from 2022 show a clear trend: the total global trade in LNG reached 397 million tonnes and EU countries went full steam ahead on expanding their import infrastructure.

How can you keep up with all the investments in the evolving and expanding LNG market of Central and Eastern Europe? Our second e-book on the acceleration of CEE energy diversification through LNG is out now!

  • We have collected for you all the major news in the LNG industry in the CEE region of the first quarter of 2023
  • Wo collected all data and facts about LNG, so as to have a clearer idea of where the industry is headed
  • CEENERGYNEWS’ editor-in-chief Claudia Patricolo has prepared for you an overview of the LNG infrastructure in the region, everything you need to know about the projects under development and additional interconnectors needed for CEE countries to be part of the LNG revolution
  • Together with in-depth analyses, we have prepared for you a map of the LNG import capacity in CEE where you will clearly understand how this commodity works and travels throughout the region
  • We made an exclusive interview with Arno Büx, Chief Commercial Officer of Fluxys and President of Gas LNG Europe (GLE)
  • Finally, we have reserved a few pages for a special focus on hydrogen, collecting some brief developments of the hydrogen market in CEE over the past 3 months

Enjoy reading our e-book! 

Table of content

  • Message from the Editor-in-chief
  • Five things to know about LNG
  • Can CEE become Europe’s LNG hub?
  • Map of CEE LNG infrastructure
  • Highlights of the CEE LNG market
  • The myth or might of Africa as Europe’s LNG supply hub?
  • Exclusive interview with Arno Büx, CCO at Fluxys & President of GLE
  • In focus: CEE hydrogen market in 2023
  • Hydrogen-ready LNG terminals: still a long way to go?
  • Summary

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