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Poland ready to implement next nuclear energy programme phase, IAEA says

As part of an Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review, a team of IAEA experts have presented 5 recommendations and 7 suggestions aimed at assisting Poland in further advancing the development of its nuclear energy programme.

The review evaluated Poland’s readiness for the implementation of the next phase of the Polish Nuclear Energy Programme (PEP), namely the construction of the first nuclear power plant. The closing meeting of the review took place on Thursday (25 April) at Poland’s Ministry of Climate and Environment.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review enables its member states to assess the state of their national nuclear infrastructure for the development of a “safe and sustainable” nuclear energy programme.

“The Polish nuclear energy programme was initiated with clearly defined goals
and is moving into the construction phase in an organised manner. In each organisation, we have observed strong and committed teams that will help achieve government goals for the PEJ Programme,” said Mehmet Ceyhan, Chairman of the IAEA Assessment Team and Technical Manager of the IAEA Nuclear Infrastructure Development Section.

§0 IAEA experts at the Ministry of Climate and Environment, for two weeks, conducted interviews with key institutions involved in the implementation of the PEP. According to the IAEA methodology, Poland’s nuclear energy programme was evaluated in 19 infrastructural areas, including nuclear safety, power grids, regulatory framework, human capital development and public procurement.

In addition to the 5 recommendations and 7 suggestions, the IAEA team identified 7 good practices in Poland.

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