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Ukraine’s energy future

Lithuania leader in energy assistance to Ukraine

According to the data on Community support to Ukraine’s energy sector, Lithuania is the EU Member State that has delivered the largest amount of generators and transformers to Ukraine.

Ukraine Energy Support Fund: Energy Ministry approves 107 mln euros support package requested by Ukrainian energy companies

Ukraine's Ministry of Energy approved support requests by 30 energy companies under the Ukraine Energy Support Fund for the procurement of essential energy equipment at an estimated value of over 107 million euros.

Ukraine Energy Support Fund: European Commission donates 5 mln euros to Ukrenergo

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund will receive a financial donation of five million euros from the European Commission. This will help Ukrenergo to deal with the impact of Russia's attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Uninterrupted electricity supply for industrial consumers importing EU electricity

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution which offers additional guarantees for electricity market participants who import electricity from the EU.

Ukraine’s energy priorities agreed in new recovery programme with IEA

Last month, the International Energy Agency and Ukraine signed a two-year joint work programme to help the country's energy system recover from the destruction caused by Russia's invasion and "lay the foundations" for its transition to a secure and sustainable energy future.

Latvia’s Latvenergo provides equipment for restoration of Ukraine’s energy system

Last week, a three-phase 110 kV transformer donated by the Latvian Latvenergo was successfully received in Ukraine to restore the Ukrainian power system, following the Russian military attacks.

Ukraine Energy Support Fund: Zelensky signs tax exemption laws, as Ukrainian businesses urged to increase engagement

Last week, the Ukrainian President signed new Laws to encourage donation efforts under the Energy Support Fund. Separately, Deputy Minister of Energy for European Integration, Ukrainian urged businesses to participate in tenders for the supply of equipment within the framework of the Fund.

Wind power at the core of Ukraine’s post-war recovery

There is a broad consensus that Ukraine will continue to be an attractive country for green energy investors. And wind power will play a crucial role in the country's sustainable future.

International aid for CEE: EIB reaffirms support for Eastern Partnership, Ukraine secures funds for energy reforms

The EIB confirmed its commitment to increase cooperation in economic recovery and sustainable investments in the Eastern Partnership cointries, as well as tackling the challenges and consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine.

A regional gas hub in CEE? Experts discuss Ukraine’s future energy landscape at Energy Security Forum

Day 3 of the Energy Security Forum, organised by the Ukrainian Energy Club, saw an expert debate on the prospect of establishing a regional 'Eastern European' gas hub, and the potential benefits this presents for Europe and Ukraine.

EIB Global to restore and modernise transport infrastructure in Kyiv

The European Investment Bank and the city of Kyiv signed a memorandum of understanding to coordinate further cooperation on financing and preparing priority investment projects for Ukraine’s capital.

Energy Security Forum: post-war recovery of Ukraine’s energy landscape

Despite power shortages due to the ongoing war, the 2022 edition of the Energy Security Forum, organised by the Ukrainian Energy Club, took place. Ukraine had one of the biggest power systems in Europe, developed throughout the last 100 years. What is needed to rebuild it?

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