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Ukrainian Hydrogen Council and Ukrainian Water Association ink hydrogen economy partnership

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council announced on Monday (8 April) the signing of a memorandum of partnership and cooperation with Ukrainian Water Association (UWA) on Friday (5 April).

As part of this new partnership, both associations intend to create “favourable ecosystems” for the development of the hydrogen economy in Ukraine. This includes promoting research into innovative hydrogen production methods, advocating for policies that prioritise the sustainable use of water in energy production, and collaborating with industry stakeholders, academia and government agencies.

“The production of green hydrogen is largely dependent on access to clean water resources for electrolysis, a key process for producing hydrogen from renewable sources such as wind or solar energy,” the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council noted in a press release. “The partnership between the associations highlights the important role of water resources in advancing hydrogen energy initiatives and aims to ensure environmental sustainability and access to essential resources for citizens across the country.”

In a joint statement, representatives of both associations emphasised the importance of harnessing synergies between hydrogen energy and water management to drive positive change and accelerate progress towards shared goals of sustainable development and resilience.

In addition, the associations plan to explore opportunities to develop cooperation with international organisations, such as the US Water Partnership. Plans are underway to collaborate on a concept note.

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