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Ukraine’s GTSOU underscores the strategic importance of Central European Hydrogen Corridor

During the roundtable discussion on the “Development of the Ukraine-EU Hydrogen Corridor,” held alongside the Ukraine Recovery Conference on 11-12 June in Berlin, Dmytro Lyppa, General Director of the Gas TSO of Ukraine (GTSOU), highlighted the advantages of the Central European Hydrogen Corridor (CEHC).

“By repurposing existing pipeline corridors, the investment costs required for the CEHC are significantly lower than those needed for developing new hydrogen infrastructure. This makes the project highly competitive compared to alternative options,” noted Dmytro Lyppa.

The roundtable brought together potential Ukrainian production companies, EU-based consumers, gas transmission system operators and financial institutions to discuss the prospects and investment opportunities in the hydrogen sector.

Dmytro Lyppa detailed GTSOU’s involvement in the CEHC project, a collaborative effort with gas transmission system operators from Slovakia (EUSTREAM), the Czech Republic (NET4GAS) and Germany (OGE). He emphasised that the success of the CEHC project hinges on the close cooperation of all parties involved and the fulfilment of obligations across the value chain from production and transportation to consumption and financial support.

In 2023, the CEHC project was recognised by the European Commission as one of the projects of common interest, aligning with the goals of the European Green Deal. The project aims to transport renewable hydrogen from Ukraine through Slovakia and the Czech Republic to Germany and other EU countries, with planned implementation before 2030.

The discussion underscored the strategic importance of the CEHC project in advancing sustainable energy solutions, enhancing energy security across Europe, and collaborative efforts to foster a greener and more resilient energy future.

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