Wednesday, December 1, 2021


Moldova’s government to back consumers compensating the difference of tariffs for natural gas

Moldova’s household consumers will be backed by the government which will compensate the difference of tariffs for the consumption of natural gas and thermal energy, following the increase in the concerned costs.

Bulgarian-Romanian border included into the Single Day-Ahead Coupling

With the inclusion of the Bulgarian-Romanian border, a geographical loop has been closed and the Southeast Europe region is now fully integrated into the Single Day-Ahead Coupling.

Ukraine’s Storage System Operator and UEEX introduce exchange trading with uncustomed gas

Starting November 1, clients of the Storage System Operator of Ukraine can carry out trade operations with uncleared gas stored in the customs warehouse regime on the e-platform of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

Ukraine’s lack of liquidity means too much risk for investors

There is not a lot of liquidity in Ukrainian exchanges now and local production is ready to give a huge discount. Therefore, there is no commercial reason to keep European gas in Ukraine.

EFET: great improvements in virtual trading points

The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) has published the 8th edition of the annual Gas Hubs Benchmarking Study, according to which scores have improved in all markets.

Implementation of Day-Ahead market in Montenegro begins

Montenegro’s Power Exchange, the European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT and Slovenian BSP SouthPool have signed a Service Agreement for the creation of the competitive Montenegrin day-ahead power market.

Romania’s Energy Suppliers Association estimates electricity and gas prices to stabilise by the end of next year

The increase in electricity and natural gas prices was caused by several factors according to estimates made by AFEER, the Romanian Energy Suppliers Association.

Gas exchanges: the safeguarders of traders’ deals – interview with Daniel Garai, CEO of CEEGEX

Daniel Garai, CEO of CEEGEX spekas about the key factors driving market integration, the effects of new gas routes on the trade side as well as a new initiative aimed at creating more efficient trading between Hungary and its neighbours.

Georgia moves ahead with establishing gas exchange

Georgia is moving ahead in the process of establishing gas exchange and a competitive gas market, following a meeting between the Energy Community Secretariat, the EBRD, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and key stakeholders.

How high electricity prices are affecting Western Balkans’ traders

Record-high electricity and gas prices have been recorded throughout Europe, while economies are still recovering. Will small companies from the Western Balksn survive winter, while the region is also trying to fully align with the Third Energy Package?

Rising gas and electricity prices: industry associations urge the EU to not put the wholesale market in danger

The European Federation of Energy Traders has joined other industry associations represented in the Market European Stakeholders Committee to respond to the rise in gas and electricity prices.

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Energy and IBEX initiate changes to the power exchange operational rules

Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) has filed a proposal for amendments to the Power Exchange Operational Rules to protect the business from the increasing electricity prices.

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