Wednesday, October 5, 2022



Hungary’s regulatory authority calls for actions to address energy traders’ liquidity problems

Immediate action is required to ensure that regulatory measures are in place to reduce the liquidity pressure on energy traders caused by increased collateral requirements arising from energy price shocks, said the Vice President for International Affairs of MEKH.

Latest ENTSO-E update on trading capacity with Ukraine/Moldova

TSOs of the Continental Europe Synchronous area have agreed to increase the trade capacity with Ukraine/Moldova to 300 MW, day and night, which is an increase of 50 MW during night hours.

ENTSO-E agrees to increase the trade capacity with Ukraine and Moldova

The TSOs of Continental Europe agreed to increase the trade capacity with Ukraine/Moldova to 250 MW, more than double the capacity that was set in the initial phase.

Professio Energia and Danske Commodities sign PPA for two wind farms in Croatia to leave the FiT scheme

Effective as of 1 August 2022, energy trading company Danske Commodities will provide route-to-market services for two onshore wind parks in Croatia’s Dalmatia region.

EPEX SPOT: solution to the energy price crisis lies in renewables and flexibility

Electric power exchange EPEX SPOT is calling to protect the price formation process and the benefits of the EU Internal Energy Market.

Lessons learnt from the extremely volatile energy market

Experts from the gas and trading industry reflect on what we have learned from current extremely volatile energy market conditions.

HUPX GO Market goes live today with the first auction

The operator of the Hungarian organised spot power market confirmed the launch of the Hungarian organised guarantees of origin market, a big milestone in terms of renewable energy trading.

Launch of flow-based market coupling enhances energy transition for 13 countries

The 16 TSOs of the Core Capacity Calculation Region, together with 10 NEMOs, introduced the Core FlowBased Day-ahead Market Coupling.

EEX Group outlines roadmap for entry into Voluntary Carbon Market

By entering the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) EEX Group continues its commitment to a sustainable future. The group’s product suite addresses the increasing demand from corporates that seek to offset or neutralise their carbon footprint.

Join the Energy Trading Central and South-Eastern Europe conference on 15-16 June

Energy Trading Central and South-Eastern Europe – ‘ETCSEE’ – is one of the most recognised events for the energy trading industry. Join high-level trading representatives on 15-16 June in Budapest.

First pan-European GOs spot auction comes in September

The first exchange-based pan-European spot auction for Guarantees of Origin will go live in September, providing trading standards, improving transparency and publishing robust price signals, which will play a key role in the acceleration of the energy transition.

Hungary to launch its organised guarantees of origin market in June

The Guarantee of Origin market has grown steadily over the past decade in Europe. Hungary has recently announced to launch its organised guarantees of origin market to increase transparency, liquidity and to support its growing renewables sector.

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