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Baltic-Finnish gas markets to be integrated into EEX in 2025

As part of the planned integration of GET Baltic into the European Energy Exchange (EEX), a further step will be taken to transfer gas trading in the Baltic states and Finland to the EEX platform. It is planned that by the end of the first quarter of 2025, GET Baltic’s customers will trade gas on EEX’s trading platform. While GET Baltic team will remain to serve the local customer base and further develop the product offering in line with market needs.

With the launch of natural gas products for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland at EEX, the markets will continue to benefit from secure trading with a wider range of market participants and business solutions, which will enable higher liquidity and more competitive gas prices.

The new products to be offered for trading on the EEX will allow better integration with the pan-European gas markets, as well as enable wider hedging opportunities, such as Month Futures for the Baltic-Finnish gas markets for 12 months ahead, in addition to Quarterly, Season and Yearly Futures up to six years. Location spreads between these markets will also be available.

These changes are currently expected to take place at the end of the first quarter of 2025, subject to technical readiness and regulatory approvals. Following the conclusion, Trading Participants will have access to the entire European gas market suite operated by EEX, as well as the state-of-the-art clearing services provided by European Commodity Clearing AG (ECC).

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