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Enefit Green to build new wind farms supporting Estonia’s renewable energy goals

Pärnu City Council approved Enefit Green’s application for the construction of a wind farm in Paikuse.

Eesti Energia’s renewable energy company Enefit Green submitted the application earlier in March. As the next step, a strategic environmental assessment will be conducted, during which it will be ascertained whether the area includes protected species and whether the wind farm and its infrastructure have an effect on their natural environment and habitat.

“I thank Pärnu City Government for the very positive cooperation so far,” said Aavo Kärmas, Chairman of the Management Board of Enefit Green. “This development is the third wind farm development project in Estonia initiated by Enefit Green during the last year. In addition to Paikuse subdistrict in Pärnu county, we also have development projects in Lääne-Nigula municipality in Lääne county and Saarde rural municipality in Pärnu county. Even if only some of these wind farm projects are completed, it will be a very important breakthrough and change of direction towards producing green energy in Estonia.”

According to the initial plans, the wind farm is aimed to be built in Pärnu county, Paikuse subdistrict, where up to seven wind turbines are proposed to be constructed. In addition, Enefit Green has submitted a request to the Tori municipality to initiate a corresponding designated special plan procedure in which would potentially allow extending the wind farm project by up to three more wind turbines.

“Despite the climate policy requiring cleaner energy production, the last major wind farms here were completed more than seven years ago,” added Mr Kärmas. “If Estonia as a country wants to reach its renewable energy goals, the building of new wind farms is inevitable.”

Eesti Energia has set the goal to increase the share of renewable energy in its production portfolio. The group aims to produce 43 per cent of its energy production from renewable sources by 2024.

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