Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Regulation authority approves Ukrtransgaz UGS development plan

The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities of Ukraine (NKREKP) approved the plan for the development of gas storage facilities operator Ukrtransgaz up to 2029, as well as the investment program of Underground Gas Storage (UGS) facilities for 2020.

The total investment in UGS infrastructure for 2020-2029 amounts to 13,5 billion Hryvnia (450 million euros). According to the investment program for 2020, in addition to routine repairs and programs, the UGS operator is implementing three ambitious investment projects.

“We are grateful to the Regulator and market participants that the development and approval of the Gas Storage Development Plan took place in a constructive dialogue,” noted Sergiy Oleksienko, CEO of Ukrtransgaz. “Maintenance of the UGS infrastructure at the proper level is essential to ensure the energy independence of our state and strengthen Ukraine’s position on the European gas market. Next year, however, Ukrtransgaz plans to present to NKREKP a more ambitious plan for the development of gas storage facilities. It will include, in particular, the decommissioning of inefficient storages.”

By the end of this year, the installation of gas drying system with the automation of technological process will be re-equipped at Dashavske UGS. This will make possible to ensure the quality of gas supplied to the main gas pipelines, as well as to improve the efficiency of technological equipment and storage facilities in general.

The second facility planned for the current year is the first stage of reconstruction of gas collection point at Bogorodchanske UGS. The replacement of outdated equipment will help to achieve the maximum performance indicators of the storage facilities, automate the regulation of gas injection and extraction and reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

Also this year the reconstruction of the compressor shop number four of Bilche-Volica compressor station is planned. It provides the reconstruction of the compressor shop with the replacement of gas turbine units, workshop systems and communications.

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