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Serbian-Hungarian interconnector to begin operations as planned

Hungary’s transmission system operator FGSZ confirmed the development of the new Serbian-Hungarian interconnector capacity capable of transporting 6 billion cubic metres per annum (bcma).

The announcement came after the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) approved the 10-year development plan proposal, including the interconnector.

FGSZ will commence the construction of the Kiskundorozsma 1200 Serbian-Hungarian interconnection point as planned. The 6 bcma capacity shall be realised by the set 1 October 2021 deadline at the southern entry point.

In a recent interview with CEENERGYNEWS, Pál Ságvári, Ambassador-at-Large for Energy Security at the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, confirmed that such capacity would be enough to cover the needs on the Hungarian market and a larger volume may be justified in case there is market demand for transit.

“The 15-kilometre long Hungarian section of this pipeline will be completed by October 2021,” he said. “Construction works in Serbia will be ready by then but some months of delay may be expected in Bulgaria.”

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