Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Commission launches new initiative for coal regions in transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine

The Commission launched a new initiative to help coal regions in the Western Balkans and Ukraine transition away from coal towards a carbon-neutral economy: 17 regions with significant coal mining activities will be the key beneficiaries.

A new partnership launched to improve energy efficiency for the benefit of Ukraine’s homeowners

Building back greener is already underway in Ukraine where more residents will soon reap savings on their energy bills as IFC, Ukraine's Energy Efficiency Fund and PrivatBank are partnering to boost energy efficiency in the residential housing sector.

The transition to exchange trading contributes to the liberalisation of Ukraine’s energy market

The Storage System Operator of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Energy Exchange have signed an agreement on cooperation, which provides customers of storage services of natural gas with standardised products for exchange trade of natural gas.
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