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The European Parliament passes a resolution on a full and immediate embargo on Russian imports of energy sources

The European Parliament passed a resolution, calling for an immediate full embargo on Russian imports of oil, coal, nuclear fuel and gas in view of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The resolution adopted with 513 votes on 7 April requests the complete abandonment of Nord Stream 1 and 2 and urges an immediate plan that will ensure the EU’s security of energy supply. Namely, through “the diversification of energy resources, technologies and supply routes”, energy efficiency, expansion of renewable energy, “gas and electricity storage solutions and sustainable long-term investments in line with the European Green Deal”.

According to the document, the existing sanctions against Russia and its energy sources must be implemented fully and effectively throughout the EU and in the process, the EU’s international allies must become a priority.

The resolution highlights the need of securing energy supplies from the EU’s trading partners through existing and future free trade agreements to reduce the EU’s reliance on Russia, particularly for raw materials.

The establishment of common strategic energy reserves and energy purchasing mechanisms at the EU level, including creating a gas union based on common purchases of gas by the Member States are additional key areas of the resolution.

Regarding nuclear, the European Parliament urges the Member States to “terminate collaboration with Russian companies on existing and new nuclear projects, including in Finland, Hungary and Bulgaria where Russian experts can be replaced by Western ones and to phase out the use of Rosatom services”.

Finally, it calls for ending scientific cooperation with Russian energy companies, such as
Rosatom and other relevant Russian scientific entities while urging international energy organisations to reconsider the role of Russia in their activities.

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