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Enea launches an educational campaign on SMRs

Polish power company Enea has launched an educational campaign on small nuclear reactors (SMRs), which it is considering to roll-out as part of Poland’s decarbonisation process. 

The campaign kicked off with a promotional video (in Polish) on the small modular reactors’ size, power generation capacity and role in the green transition.

“Small modular nuclear reactors have tremendous development potential and significance for maintaining a stable energy mix in Poland. SMRs can be used for electricity production or replace coal-fired heat and power plants. They can also serve directly to industrial plants, especially those that need a lot of stable energy. We are currently analysing all projects emerging in the world and talking to several SMR technology suppliers,” Enea’s President Paweł Majewski emphasised.

The company is planning to organise educational-informational meetings about SMR technology at sponsored schools (industry and technical branches), allowing students to participate in mini-contests on their knowledge of SMRs during the lessons.

“Our role, as a conscious energy producer looking for opportunities to diversify its production portfolio, is not only to look for new development paths but also to show them and convince our customers to take them. By focusing on education in the field of SMR technology, we also invest in future staff who will implement, develop and use this technology in the near future,” Mr Majewski added.

Support for nuclear energy is growing in Poland, with SMR technology in the energy sector gaining popularity, Enea noted in a press release.

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SMRs have a shorter construction period in comparison to conventional nuclear power stations, with lower investment costs as they are delivered as complete modules, and can be installed close to consumers, reducing transmission costs.

Enea is “analysing and evaluating” SMR technologies for potential application in its business, preparing for the development of personnel and resources capable of managing these installations in the future, the company noted in the press release.

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Business discussions with leading SMR technology developers worldwide are ongoing, with decisions on collaboration and project implementation set to be based on economic and market analyses, as well as the company’s needs, Enea said.

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