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Károly Mátrai named as new leader of Hungary’s MVM Group

The Hungarian Ministry of Energy announced that Károly Mátrai, who will lead the company from 23 January, is tasked to further strengthen the international presence of the state-owned energy group, turning it into a regional champion, which guarantees the energy security and successful energy transition of Hungary.

The new CEO, Károly Mátrai, has extensive professional experience in business management, central counterparty clearing services, brokerage, energy clearing and trading. Between 2008 and 2020 he was the CEO and member of the board of directors of KELER CCP, the leading clearing house in the CEE region for capital and energy markets, representing the group at the European Association of CCP and Clearing Houses (EACH). He was also a Supervisory Board member of the Association of Futures Markets (AFM).

After 2020, he worked at the Romanian and then Spanish subsidiaries of the Swiss-based energy company, MET Group. Between 2020 and 2022 he was the CFO of MET Romania Energy. Then he continued as Integration Manager at Cogen Energia Espana, part of MET Group.

Hungary’s MVM Group is the second-largest company group in Hungary and the tenth-largest in Central Europe with an active presence in 23 countries through its more than 120 subsidiaries.

Alongside the appointment of the new CEO, the Ministry of Energy also announced changes in the board of directors of the company. The stated objective of the change in the leadership structure of the company is to further strengthen the dominance of the group on the regional level.

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