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Germany’s Boysen Group sets up its first facility focusing exclusively on manufacturing products for EVs in Hungary

The 150 million euros investment represents Boysen Group’s intent to take a decisive step to meet the growing demand for electrification. The German company has announced that it will build a battery casings plant in Nyíregyháza, Hungary that will be the first facility of its global operation to manufacture exclusively EV products.

Boysen Group develops and manufactures exhaustion pipes, catalysts, particle filters, complete exhaustion pipe systems and many more for cars, commercial vehicles and SUVs at 23 sites worldwide supplying automakers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler and Porsche.

Products for EVs and hybrid vehicles were added to the company’s portfolio from 2021 on, and the current investment is set to give another boost to this profile change. By investing 150 million euros in Nyíregyháza, it will set up not only its first site in Hungary but also the very first facility of its global operation that is fully dedicated to serving the needs of EVs.

The plant will produce battery casings for Boysen’s strategic partner BMW which is building a brand new factory and a battery assembly plant nearby in Debrecen. The production of battery casings includes the work processes of pressing, welding, glueing and coating, batteries as such will not be produced.

The project of Boysen Battery Components Hungary envisages to establish a state-of-the-art highly automated facility which is planned to be carbon-neutral. Accordingly, the company plans to deploy renewable energy generating and storing systems worth 10 million euros.

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