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Romania: “Bring environmentally friendly technologies,” says Minister to potential investors

Romania’s Minister for the Environment, Water and Forests, Tánczos Barna emphasised his country’s demand for green technology investments during the 25th anniversary of the Foreign Investors Council (FIC) in Romania, which took place on 18 January.

Minister Barna said that the pressure on investors in the area of environmentally-friendly technologies is constantly growing. The same can be said for governments and ministries that are increasingly encouraged to promote policies, directives and regulations in the area of environmental protection.

“In Romania, the environment is not yet a ministry that receives enough attention, but lately, investments have been growing exponentially. The PNRR [EU National Recovery and Resilience Plan], which comes with the green and digital rule, supports and helps us a lot. Green means taking care, digital means reducing the long-term impact of our activity on the environment,” said the Romanian Environment Minister.

“It is our recommendation to all companies that come to Romania, that invest in this country, to bring environmentally friendly technologies, to use the funds made available through PNRR to reduce the impact on the environment in all fields, including that of electricity production. The present is more important than the long-term future, so the only solution for the Planet is to reduce carbon emissions,” the Minister added.

Mr Barna also thanked investors for the “know-how” brought to Romania and emphasised that foreign investments often provide “the way” to a modern digitised economy, new technologies and finding tools for limiting the impact on the environment.

The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) is a membership association for foreign capital investors, including around 120 of the largest companies in Romania such as MOL Romania, OMV Petrom and Clean Tech International. In late 2022, the FIC organised an event to present its analysis in the field of waste, with the main themes being waste management objectives, individual responsibility, transparency and traceability of the system, and accepting waste for recycling and ending the status of waste, infrastructure development and unification reporting systems.

Following the analysis, the FIC emphasised the need to ensure a clear, coherent, predictable and fair framework in the field of waste management to allow all actors to take the necessary actions to comply with the legal requirements in this area.

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