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Polish Intraday offer launched successfully

The European Power Exchange EPEX SPOT and its clearing house European Commodity Clearing (ECC) successfully launched their Intraday continuous market in Poland, extending their offering in Central Europe. This completes the product suite in Poland, following the Day-Ahead launch in February 2021.

The first trading day for the Intraday continuous market was 2 February 2022 and the first transactions occurred already within a few minutes after the go-live and trading activity has been developing well since then.

“By launching our competitive and highly performant Intraday offer, we bring the largest community of providers for automated trading solutions as well as new innovative product functionalities to the Polish market,” said Ralph Danielski, Chief Executive Officer of EPEX SPOT. “One single trading screen gives access to our entire Intraday portfolio in Central Western Europe, the Nordics, Great Britain and now also Poland.”

“Following the successful market entry into the Polish Day-Ahead market we are happy to now expanding our clearing services to the next level, the Polish intraday market,” added Götz Dittrich, Chief Operating Officer of ECC. “Market participants active in Poland will benefit from robust and reliable interfaces, with additional economies of scale for those customers that are already active in other markets cleared by ECC.”

The Intraday continuous market is coupled via the pan-European Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC).

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