Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Tags European Green Deal

Tag: European Green Deal

CEE main beneficiary of the EU’s recovery fund

It is a historic day when 27 EU leaders agree on a comprehensive package worth 1,8 trillion euros and CEE countries will be the main beneficiaries of the EU’s recovery instrument.

Further progress in energy efficiency essential to reach carbon-neutrality

Primary energy consumption in the EU declined by 0.7% in 2018. A positive development, but a considerable acceleration in this reduction is needed if the 2020 target for energy efficiency is to be achieved.

Central Europe strives for a more interconnected energy sector

Energy system integration has great potential to multiply efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in sectors that are more difficult to decarbonise
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Montenegro’s clean growth after COVID-19

A 50mln euros loan from the EBRD will help to ensure the stability and resilience of Montenegro’s energy provision while simultaneously protecting the achievements made in its ambitious clean growth and decarbonisation agenda.

EBRD’s latest loan to increase Ukraine’s natural gas production

A 51.9 million euros sovereign loan to Ukraine’s largest natural gas producer will increase domestic natural gas production and reduce the country’s dependency on imports.

International recognition of ELES’ innovative smart networks

ELES is the recipient of the Award of Excellence in the field of innovation, integration and smart grid system transformations with the NEDO project consortium and the FutureFlow project.

INA: oil and gas industry far from full recovery

With the easing of restrictive measures connected to COVID-19 pandemic, the global oil market has stabilised, but the oil and gas industry is far from full recovery.