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GIE/Guidehouse: Picturing the value of underground gas storage to the EU H2 system

Guidehouse in collaboration with Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) have prepared a study underlining the essential role of underground gas storage in establishing an integrated energy system and hydrogen economy in Europe by 2050.

The vision paper and map provide a detailed overview, with concrete facts and figures, of the potential of these facilities. They build on the updated proposal for the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB), a vision for a pan-European dedicated hydrogen network.

“It was positive to see the European Commission recognising the need for underground hydrogen storage in its Hydrogen Strategy in July 2020,” said Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General. “Within GIE, we are deeply convinced they will play a vital part in balancing the future energy system that relies significantly on renewable energy sources.”

On the supply side, the need for large-scale storage could be explained by higher hydrogen supply variability driven by intermittent renewable electricity production. On the demand side, this is because of the increase in electrification and the subsequent need to meet higher electricity demand peaks created by residual load.

Read the full report here.

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