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Czech companies sign memorandums with French EDF on the completion of new nuclear units

Leading Czech nuclear power industry suppliers I&C Energo, Sigma Group, ŠKODA JS and ZAT signed in Paris memorandums on the future cooperation with the Electricité de France (EDF), who is one of the three potential bidders for the construction of new nuclear units in the Czech Republic.

“Especially today, when the electricity market shows longer-term instability and possible fluctuations in electricity supplies and prices, it is more than necessary to proceed quickly with the construction of planned nuclear power plants, which directly affects the Czech Republic,” said Milan Šimonovský, Chairman of the Alliance Committee, which represents the Czech nuclear sector at the international level.

The companies that have agreed with the French partner on future cooperation are among the major European players in the nuclear industry. They are currently involved in the construction or modernisation of nuclear power plants in our country, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey and Russia. For example, ZAT’s control systems and know-how can be currently found at 30 per cent of nuclear power plants in the EU and 10per cent of NPP worldwide. 

“We have a modern SandRA control system with special safety functions included in the highest safety categories,” underlined Ivo Tichý, a member of the ZAT Board of Directors. “We deploy it in Finland, where nuclear safety regulators apply one of the strictest rules.”

The main link among the four leaders are the contracts on the European market with nuclear reactors such as VVER and EPR, including significant and long-term supplies to nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic. 

“We believe that thanks to their experience on the local and foreign markets, Czech companies will be significantly involved in the construction of new nuclear units in our country, both by supplying key components and by significant engineering participation in their implementation so as to maintain continuity and unique existing level of Czech nuclear energy industry,” stated Josef Perlík, Executive Director of the Alliance.

Last but not least, the participation of those companies in the construction will also mean faster, cheaper and self-sufficient operation and maintenance of the units.

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