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First small scale LNG reloading operation carried out at the Krk terminal

At the LNG Terminal in Omišalj on the Island of Krk, in Croatia, a challenging operation has been successfully performed, the so-called reloading of Liquified natural gas (LNG re-loading) from the FSRU Vessel LNG Croatia back onto a smaller vessel for the transport of LNG.

That is the first such small scale LNG reloading operation carried out in the Mediterranean, which makes Croatia a leader in the market for the provision of that service. Liquified natural gas this time was not re-gasified and transported from the Terminal to the gas transmission system of the Republic of Croatia. Instead, it was reloaded back to a smaller vessel, which, after the reloading process was finalised, headed towards the LNG terminal in Sardinia. This led Croatia to gain the opportunity and prospect to trade liquefied natural gas by sea.

This brand-new business model opens several opportunities in tourism and economic sectors, as it allows bunkering, the ability to dock and refuel other ships with more environmentally friendly motor fuel, liquefied natural gas, thereby significantly reducing exhaust emissions and the harmful impact of shipping on the environment.

By introducing this new additional service, the LNG Terminal on the Island of Krk continues to affirm its importance on Europe’s energy map.

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