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PGE discloses new document to show the Turów mine’s compliance with Polish and European law

Poland’s energy group PGE has published another document confirming that the Turów mine is operating in accordance with Polish and European law.

The decision on environmental conditions was issued in January 2020, following extensive transboundary consultations with the Czech Republic and Germany and after the fulfilment of a range of conditions specified in Polish and European law. According to the company, this was a key element in the concession prolongation process intended to further legally conduct extractive activities until 2044, on an area half the size of the area specified in the concession from 1994.

“We did everything that was required of us to ensure that the Turów complex operates without interruptions and to provide energy security for millions of Polish households,” commented Wojciech Dąbrowski, president of the management board at PGE. “Let’s stick with the facts – we complied with all of the procedures and we have all of the necessary documents to legally conduct further activities. The Court of Justice’s decision is unfair and does not take into account Poland’s arguments as a party in the proceeding. As PGE Group, which is responsible for the country’s energy security and is the largest employer in the Turoszów region, we cannot immediately halt the mine’s operations. Transition is not about arbitrary decisions or overnight changes.”

The environmental decision contains detailed guidelines on the use of the environment at every stage of the undertaking, monitoring the environmental impact, performing post-implementation analysis and applying minimisation measures. The decision includes a 172-page-long justification addressing all comments and conclusions made by the Czech side during the proceeding.

The continuing operation of the Turów mine, with conditions specified in this manner with regard to the use of the environment at each stage of implementation and operation, ensures its compliance with EU and domestic law and guarantees that sustainable development and rational deposit management rules are observed.

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