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Romania and Moldova launch regional hub for cleantech

The Ministry of Energy of Romania, the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian accelerator Techcelerator launched the SEE CleanTech Accelerator, an initiative dedicated to startups and innovators in South-East Europe who are developing green energy solutions.

The program was created in partnership with local energies companies, namely Romgaz, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Energy Valley Cluster, Transelectrica, UiPath, Electrica, Israel Electric Corporation, Transgaz, Conpet, ELCEN, Complexele Energetic Oltenia and Valea Jiului, as well as the Society for the Administration of Energy Participations.

“Startups have been my focus throughout my ministerial roles in research, digitalisation and now in energy,” said Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Energy of Romania. “Having studied in the United States, I understand its importance. This platform is a first step. The broader project includes creating an Energy Hub at the Dimitrie Leonida Museum, a symbolic place for Romanian innovation. This hub will also feature the Unicorn Factory. Innovation is crucial for development and Romania has the talent to make significant advances. We aim to connect innovative minds with entrepreneurs and companies. Our goal is to establish a center of excellence in the heart of Bucharest.”

“This hub is a significant step forward for both Romania and Moldova,” added Andrei Grițco, Secretary General, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova. “Although we don’t have such a hub in Moldova yet, we aim to develop one with our Romanian partners. Moldova needs to accelerate its infrastructure development, and we’re proud to be part of this initiative. The hub and CleanTech accelerator offer an important development opportunity, allowing Moldovan companies to join the program.”

Selected founders and innovators will gain access to benefits such as collaborative projects with leading energy companies, business, technology and fundraising consulting from experienced industry professionals and referrals to major venture capital firms.

Startups and innovators can apply in the following setcors:

  • digitalisation: utilising advanced data analysis, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things to optimise energy consumption, reduce waste and enhance renewable energy efficiency;
  • renewable energy: implementing tidal and geothermal energy and integrating them into smart grids for optimised performance;
  • green hydrogen: developing comprehensive solutions for eco-friendly hydrogen production, including renewable-powered electrolysis, alongside innovative transport and storage solutions;
  • carbon management: improving carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies and exploring new direct air capture (DAC) methods to effectively reduce atmospheric CO2 levels;
  • circular economy: initiating recycling efforts that include textiles, e-waste and plastic, promoting zero-waste practices and sustainable product design principles;
  • energy storage: exploring alternatives to conventional batteries, including flow batteries, compressed air energy storage and other new storage technologies for longer periods and greater efficiency;
  • urban infrastructure: developing green building solutions, sustainable urban planning and transport networks to reduce urban ecological footprints;
  • water conservation: implementing smart irrigation systems, water purification, desalination technologies and effective wastewater treatment methods;
  • agriculture: promoting sustainable agricultural practices, precision agriculture and technologies that enhance soil carbon sequestration;
  • sustainable materials: developing and using biodegradable materials, bio-based chemicals and green manufacturing processes;
  • cybersecurity: enhancing security measures for critical energy systems.

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