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3Seas Hydrogen Council formalises collaboration

The 3Seas Hydrogen Council (3S) has taken a “significant leap forward” by officially formalising its collaboration with the signing of a term sheet agreement.

3S aims to act as a “hydrogen platform” for sharing experiences and taking joint actions to support Central and Eastern European countries and local governments in the green transition.

“The 3 Seas Hydrogen Council will seek synergies and cooperation opportunities for the development of a zero-carbon economy in which hydrogen will play an important role,” Hydrogen Poland stated on a separate occasion. “Its members see an urgent need to start a fruitful dialogue and develop a common position before the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament, as well as before other organisations and decision-making centres at regional, European and global levels.”

The creation of 3S was first announced last May in Poland. The signed term sheet agreement outlines the foundational operating principles, goals and the organisational structure of 3S, Hydrogen Poland said in a press release.

Poland, Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and Ukraine are the initiative’s current members.

“In challenging times, the most effective form of defence is strategic planning. Therefore, we have created a platform that I believe will become immensely successful and crucial for our entire region in the future,” said Oleksandr Riepkin, Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council.

“A crucial part of our mission should involve evaluating the current funding levels within the EU, particularly in light of the varied climate conditions across our member states,” added Veronika Vohlídková, Member of the Board and Executive Director of the Czech Technological Hydrogen Platform (HYTEP). “Additionally, I want to underscore the importance of strengthening training, educational initiatives and scientific collaboration in the field of hydrogen technologies. This objective can be effectively achieved by forging strong partnerships with universities that offer courses in this rapidly evolving domain.”

“We will join our efforts under the Council agreement to ensure equitable distribution of EU resources across Central and Eastern Europe,” pointed out István Lepsény, Chairman of the Hungarian Hydrogen Technology Association. “The 3S agreement is hoped to bolster regional funding, fostering industrial cooperation and spurring joint projects for competitive green technology development in the participating countries.”

Indeed, the 3S initiative addresses the critical need for ongoing dialogue and the formation of unified stances, especially within the European Union. The inclusion of Ukrainian organisations in this alliance is particularly significant, marking a robust step towards integrating Ukraine into the European Community. 

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