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Poland announces major changes in hydrogen regulation and first large-scale hydrogen storage facility

The Polish Ministry of Climate and Environment has announced plans to regulate the development of the hydrogen economy, aiming to ensure the competitiveness of Polish industry and support the country’s path to climate neutrality. Hydrogen is set to play a key role in replacing gas as an energy carrier and in energy storage, with the potential to bring up to 870 million euros in added value by 2040 according to the ministry.

Polish Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska emphasised the government’s responsibility in preparing legislation that supports the hydrogen economy, which in turn will generate significant economic benefits and job opportunities. Polish Deputy Minister Krzysztof Bolesta highlighted ongoing efforts to promote electrolysers and innovative uses of hydrogen in transport.

Currently, hydrogen is not comprehensively regulated under the Polish Energy Lawand and it is only subject to regulation when supplied via the gas network. This regulatory gap creates investment uncertainty and hinders the growth of the hydrogen market. The proposed law will introduce clear definitions for low-emission hydrogen, renewable hydrogen, and renewable hydrogen of non-biological origin (RFNBO). It will also establish roles for hydrogen transmission, distribution, and storage system operators, regulate the responsibilities of these operators, and outline the procedure for their appointment. Additionally, the law will set rules for integrating gas and hydrogen activities, crucial for early market development, and streamline regulations in construction, environmental protection and strategic investment implementation.

The proposed solutions align with the EU’s new gas package, which establishes common rules for the internal market in renewable gases, natural gas and hydrogen. These changes also represent a milestone in the National Reconstruction Plan.

The Ministry is also planning significant support and financial initiatives for the hydrogen sector. This includes plans for a large-scale hydrogen storage facility in Kosakowo to utilise energy surpluses in Pomerania. Financial support programs for electrolyser production and innovative hydrogen projects are being prepared, with substantial budgets allocated for these initiatives. Additionally, efforts are underway to secure additional funds from the European Hydrogen Bank to support the hydrogen economy.

“The use of low-emission hydrogen is one of the paths to decarbonising the Polish economy – this opportunity can be used in particular by the Polish industry,” Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska stated.

“We are negotiating additional funds that are still available in Brussels from the European Hydrogen Bank – we are talking in the environment and energy councils about the possibility of creating national baskets to equalise competition between countries. We are fighting for the interests of Polish industry,” Deputy Minister Krzysztof Bolesta added.

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