Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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EBRD supports two wind farms in Poland

The EBRD is providing a loan of 26 million euros for the construction of two wind farms in Poland, helping to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 126,000 tonnes annually and fulfil Poland’s contribution to the EU climate and energy targets.

Growth without economic growth, to minimise the environmental impact

The European Environment Agency published its briefing 'Growth without economic growth', that explores alternative ways of thinking about growth and progress, to minimise the environmental impact.

Innogy signs an agreement with Czech Ministry of Industry to introduce new energy-saving measures

Innogy has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to improve the country’s energy efficiency and introduce energy-saving measures. Thus, the country is aligning with the EU Directive that obliges countries to save 0.8% of their yearly energy consumption by 2030.

Romanian Restart Energy announces 500 MW of green projects in a joint venture with US-based Interlink

Restart Energy entered into a joint venture with Washington-based Interlink Capital Strategies to develop 500 million US dollars in green energy in Romania and neighbouring countries.

DTEK creates hub in London to attract investment in new energy projects in Ukraine

DTEK is amplifying its presence in London to create an ecosystem to attract investments and innovative technologies in new Ukrainian energy projects.

EBRD to support energy-efficient residential buildings in North Macedonia

The EBRD is providing a one-million-euro loan to North Macedonia to support residential home-owners to make their buildings more energy-efficient and build a greener and more sustainable economy.

Enthusiasm for China’s Belt and Road has cooled down in CEE

According to a survey commissioned by CMS, 57% of CEE participants report negative sentiments towards the Belt and Road Initiative. However, there is an increasing interest in environmentally-friendly and sustainable sectors as areas for future BRI investments.

Calling for a revised EU Taxonomy that accelerates investments in sustainable solutions

Associations representing the European energy industry (including Gas Infrastructure Europe, Bioenergy Europe, Eurogas) are calling for a revised EU Taxonomy that helps accelerate investments in sustainable solutions to achieve a competitive climate neutral economy.

EP and Member States agree to cut funding for fossil fuels under the Just Transition Fund

Investments in fossil fuels will not receive funding under the Just Transition Fund. However, gas projects that meet the taxonomy criteria of 'do no significant harm' could still access funding from the regional development fund until 2025.

ALTUM to fund for transitioning to greener vehicles to Latvia’s companies

ALTUM announced new financing to Latvia's companies to switch to more eco-friendly vehicle fleets, including those types that using compressed natural gas as fuel.

V4 countries must seize the opportunity of green recovery

An analysis of Cambridge Econometrics argues that a green recovery in the Visegrad Group countries is not only important for climate goals but also could provide an important push towards pre-Covid levels of employment and economic activity.

US House of Representatives passes a resolution supporting the Three Seas Initiative

The US House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution in support of the Three Seas Initiative, to strengthen regional interconnectivity countering Russian and Chinese influence.

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