Friday, October 7, 2022



EU Council agrees on additional 20 bln euros to achieve the REPowerEU objectives

The European Council modified the origin of the funds for REPowerEU as well as the allocation key of the additional 20 billion euros proposed by the European Commission.

EU: Czechia to receive 1.64 bln euros for a just climate transition

Czechia will receive 1.64 billion euros in EU grants to support the country's efforts to phase out coal-fired power by 2033 and ensure a fair transition to climate neutrality.

Czech Parliament approves cap on electricity and gas prices

Responding to the rise in energy prices, the government wants to limit the price of electricity to 6 korunas (0,24 euros) per kilowatt hour for electricity and three korunas (0,12 euros) per kilowatt hour for gas from November.

Poland announces ‘Solidarity Shield’ amid soaring energy prices

Poland's Prime Minister presented the 'Solidarity Shield', a new legislative proposal that aims to protect households and businesses against rising prices by introducing a "guaranteed electricity price".

European Commission approves Greek measure to support construction of storage facilities

The European Commission has approved a Greek measure with an estimated budget of 341 million euros to support the construction and operation of storage facilities in the electricity system.

Commission to partially fund installation of battery energy storage in Croatia

The European Commission has approved a 19.8 million euros Croatian aid measure in favour of battery energy storage operator IE-Energy.

Lithuania provides additional support amid spiralling energy prices

Residents will receive a VAT cut in energy bills for centrally supplied heating, whlist energy suppliers will be reimbursed for the difference by the state budget.

Lithuania to save 800 mln euros in next 2 years with new energy-saving plan

Lithuania has approved a new set of energy-saving measures which would see a reduction of energy costs by 800 million euros.

EIB provides up to 10 bln euros to support regions shifting away from fossil fuels

The European Commission the EIB have signed the agreement on the Public Sector Loan Facility, that will finance public investments in the regions most affected by Europe’s transition to a climate-neutral economy.

Slovenia to provide emergency cost-of-living aid in face of surging energy prices

The Slovenian parliament adopted an emergency cost-of-living aid to the most vulnerable population groups and to businesses hit hard by high gas and electricity prices.

Polish parliament approves financial support amid energy crisis

The Polish Sejm adopted a support package that will provide one-off payments for households and sensitive public institutions, which will compensate energy users for the rising energy prices.

Who pays for the rising energy prices in the CEE region?

Since the beginning of the year, countries all over the world have witnessed a considerable increase in energy prices. Let's see what CEE countries have been doing to fight this rising trend.

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