Thursday, October 28, 2021


Easier access to corporate renewable PPAs can tackle Europe’s energy crisis

The European Commission has endorsed easy access to corporate renewable PPAs, important instruments in the Commission’s newly released toolbox which guides Member States on how to deal with the current surge in energy prices.

Poland worries about the implementation of the EU ETS

Adam Guibourge-Czetwertyński, Poland’s Vice-Minister of Climate noted that there are insufficient revenues that cannot balance the costs of transformation incurred by the individual member States and the installations covered with EU ETS.

EBRD acquires minority stake in Estonia’s Enefit Green

The EBRD has acquired a 1.5% stake in Estonian company Enefit Green, underpinning the first share offering by a pure-play renewable energy company in the Baltic states.

Latvian TSO is the first among Baltic operators to issue green bonds

Augstsprieguma tîkls AS (AST) issued green bonds to support the transition to a zero-emission power system and help the integration of the Baltic market.

Can green buildings solve Ukraine’s energy poverty?

The European Ukrainian Energy Agency (EUEA) is calling for the government to promote initiatives and green incentive instruments for Ukrainian buildings.

EBRD launches first circular economy initiative in Turkey and the Western Balkans

To address barriers to the transition to a circular economy, the EBRD is launching a new programme, called the "Circular Economy Regional Initiative", in Turkey and the Western Balkans.

BCG presents the six steps of sustainable transformation

Sustainability is rapidly reshaping competitive advantage. BCG has identified six actions that distinguish leaders from the rest of the pack.

Enefit Green gets a 130 million euros loan to build wind farms

Enefit Green has signed investment and liquidity loan agreements with SEB and OP Bank in the amount of 130 million euros for the development of new wind farms.

EBRD to help Montenegro unlock its renewable potential

The EBRD has adopted a new country strategy for Montenegro for the period 2021-2026. Among the priorities, the support for Montenegro’s green economy transition.

EBRD adopts new country strategies for the Baltics

The EBRD has adopted new country strategies for the Baltics for the period 2021-26. Among the main priorities, there is the green economy transition of all three countries: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Serbia aims to achieve 40% of renewable energy by 2040

Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, said that the country’s goal is to have by 2040 at least 40% of the energy obtained from renewables and more than 50% by 2050.

New EBRD loan to improve and reform Albania’s power sector

The EBRD is providing a 70 million euros loan to Albanian energy company OSHEE to address liquidity gaps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to construct a modern, underground substation in central Tirana.

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