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Slovakia’s TSO receives €83 million to modernise and digitise the grid

Slovakia’s electricity transmission system operator SEPS has received over 83 million euros from the Recovery and Resilience Plan to construct a new power station in Senica and to modernise almost 254 kilometres of existing high-voltage lines.

The new green REPowerEU chapter added to the Slovak Recovery and Resilience Plan aims to help reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels and combat the climate crisis.

In particular, Slovakia’s electrical infrastructure, designed in the last century, now needs to meet high reliability standards while accommodating the expected increase in variable renewable energy sources.

To address this, SEPS has been allocated 83.6 million euros in non-refundable financial support. These funds will go towards two projects under the investment Modernisation and Digitisation of the Transmission System and Regional Distribution Systems.

“The modernisation and digitisation of our transmission system are crucial for ensuring a stable and reliable electricity supply for all users,” said Economy Minister Denisa Saková. “Investments in enhancing transformation capacity and improving infrastructure will allow us to better integrate renewable energy sources and reduce environmental impact.”

The first investment project, titled Increasing the Transformation Power between the Transmission System and Regional Distribution Systems through a New Transformer will involve constructing a new electrical station in Senica and connecting the 400 kilovolts (kV) line V424 to this station. The project is expected to be completed by April 2026, with an estimated cost of over 45 million euros.

Another investment project, Modernisation of Transmission Lines will involve upgrading nearly 254 kilometres of lines in Slovakia. The deadline for the line modernisation is March next year, with an estimated cost of approximately 38.5 million euros.

“Investing in these projects will increase the capacity of the transmission system,” added Martin Magáth, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SEPS. “For consumers, this means a high-quality, stable and safe electricity supply even as the demand for green energy sources, consumption volume, and transmission and distribution technologies continue to grow.”

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