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Shell Hungary’s new project turns used cooking oil into biodiesel

By the end of the year, Shell will open collection points at 120 filling stations across Hungary where people can dispose of their used cooking oil that will be recycled into biodiesel to support the development of a circular economy.

Photo: courtesy of Shell.

Shell Hungary joined forces with Hungarian energy company ALTEO to implement the large-scale program. By the end of 2022, people will be able to dispose of their used cooking oil at 120 Shell filling stations in the dedicated container provided by ALTEO. The used cooking oil will be recycled into biodiesel which can be blended with refined petroleum products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Operating with net zero emissions and taking steps towards a sustainable future are among the most important business goals for Shell, both globally and in Hungary. By collecting and recycling used cooking oil, we reduce the environmental burden together with our customers and promote the implementation of the circular economy,” said Andrea Istenesné Solti, President of Shell Hungary.

“At ALTEO, we know that circular economy is not only our future but also our present. We are constantly looking for collaborative partners within and outside the industry, with whom we can work not only on joint, good business solutions but also on initiatives that support a change of attitude,” said Attila Chikán, the CEO of ALTEO.

He emphasised that this system will help to protect our waters, as well as the soil because the cooking oil converted into biodiesel will not end up in the sewer system. “The project also encourages the population to take broad action in order to protect our environment,” he added.

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