Monday, October 26, 2020
Tags Circular Economy

Tag: Circular Economy

The EU’s green transition hinges on the secure supplies of critical raw materials

Access to critical raw materials is a strategic question, as they are essential to the functioning and integrity of a wide range of industrial ecosystems. The EU warned already that transition to climate neutrality could replace today’s reliance on fossil fuels with one on raw materials.

Hungary prepares to introduce stricter waste regulations

Back in July, the Hungarian government took decisive action to eliminate illegal waste disposal sites. A new legislation would introduce stricter sanctions and penalise harshly those who are leaving their waste where they shouldn’t.

Saving our forests in 3 steps

Forests Are The Lungs Of The Earth. We often hear this expression, still we tend to take these peculiar organisms for granted. But how long we can keep turning a blind eye on the alarming rate of their degradation?
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PGNiG further extends cooperation with Aker BP building a substantial portfolio in the region

PGNiG Supply & Trading signed a contract with Aker BP for the sales and purchase of natural gas produced on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, another cornerstone in successfully building a substantial portfolio in the region.

New gas-fired heating plant to lower emissions in the Czech Republic

Spolana Neratovice, a member of Unipetrol Group, has commissioned a new heating plant to generate the steam needed for its operations, significantly decreasing the volume of substances emitted into the atmosphere.

Projects from CEE among the winners of the Natura 2000 Awards

A trans-boundary project involving partners in Romania, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine is among the winners of the Natura 2000 Awards for 2020. In addition, the special European Citizens’ Award went to a project from Bulgaria.

Driving an electric car from Croatia to the Black Sea, using only one application? Yes, you can!

In a perfect world of electric mobility, every Electric Vehicles’ driver should be able to recharge everywhere and at any time. For those drivers that live and commute across CEE, the ideal e-mobility world is becoming a reality.