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Energocom tests imports of gas and electricity from Greece and Bulgaria

Following a successful visit to Greece, Moldova’s energy company Energocom will purchase a quantity of 24 megawatt-hours (MWh), or approximately 2,250 cubic metres of natural gas, as a test, from Greece’s gas supplier, DEPA. These gases will be delivered through the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline and transmitted to the gas operator Moldovagaz.

The price is 45 euros/MWh but it does not include transport costs and other logistical expenses. For comparison, at the end of March, Energocom purchased from the Romanian Stock Exchange, also as a test, 1 MWh for 48.82 euros.

The purpose of the purchase in Greece is to see how the logistics chain works: from booking the capacities to the work of the distribution system operators.

Earlier in April, the interim director of Energocom, Victor Bânzari, signed in Athens, an agreement based on which other volumes of natural gas can be purchased in the future.

The company also bought 1 MW of electricity from the Bulgarian operator Nomad, at the price of 100 euros, which also does not include transport expenses and other procedural costs. Thus, Energocom wants to test the new route and how logistics operations work. So far, Moldova has imported electricity only from Romania and Ukraine.

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