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There is a lot to learn from the Greek response to the energy crisis, says Minister

According to the Greek Minister of Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas, there is a lot to learn from Greece in terms of how to respond to the energy crisis while keeping with the energy transition.

During a meeting with his Moldovan counterpart, Victor Parlicov, Mr Skrekas recalled that in the past four years, Greece has been able to double its renewables installed capacity while also creating a safe framework for investors.

In addition, critical energy infrastructure has been built, in order to ensure not only Greece’s energy security but also other European countries. And many more projects are going to be implemented in the future, like the interconnection between Greece and North African countries, a direct electricity interconnection between Greece and Austria and the expansion of the existing network between Italy and North Macedonia.

Minister Parlicov said to be particularly interested in the eco islands system implemented in the islands of Chalki and Astypalaia, whose inhabitants can enjoy a more sustainable future.

Mr Parlicov expressed also the need for Moldova to participate more. actively in the energy dialogue of the Western Balkans countries, especially in light of the current energy crisis and supply disruptions.

“It is our strategic goal to make Moldova the first developing country, which will achieve decarbonisation,” he said.

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